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Posted by Anonymous

I am writing concerning my dad. He has been diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. He is not to the stage of oxygen as yet. There are trial drugs that could help him but the drug companies won't release them. I believe that people such as you can help. However, I would like your opinion of that as well. My dad is an unselfish person and has functioned as father and advisor to more than just his own children he has always acted in the best interest of others and never on behalf of himself. Can you assist please.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I remember when I was a very young child walking in the hospital one day visiting my mom and remembered a person being treated successfully for pulmonary fibrosis. (Yes a cure!) However, as medical systems are mainly monopolistic (technically an oligopoly) concerned, this information is kept secret. So I guess I have to reinvent the wheel since, I had no idea of the treatment. What I DO KNOW is that the tiny capillaries of the lungs got collapsed and apparently this herbal medicine increased the REBUILDING capillary formation.

It is very likely that the method of treatment involves finding a herbal medicine which causes rebuilding and PREVENTS COLLAPSING OF CAPILLARIES. Since your father is in the early stage, the likely herbal medicine appears to be of Centella Asiatica (a common Indian Pennyworth). There is plenty here in Thailand, fresh and green. It can be taken in an extracted powdered form or taken taken as a juice. It is a popular drink in Thailand called "Bua Bok". Believe it or not I once sold this Thai herbal medicine, but stopped selling them since it is so common, we can buy from the supermarket here in Thailand. Centella Asiatica is a well known herbs which increase rebuilding of capillaries.

The second herbal medicine that is very likely to help is aloe vera oil and aloe vera juice. It helps rebuild dying tissues very quickly. Taken internally. Best option is to get Aloe vera oil, which is easily found and D-Mannose which can be purchased over the internet.

The third alternative medicine that will help which will stop almost instantly any autoimmune system disorder is very likely to be sodium perborate. I have successfully conducted tests on my pet dog which is proven to be useful against autoimmune disorders. Magnesium Chloride are taken along.

Finally, top of that take D-Mannose. This will help remove whatever bacteria or viral debris in the lungs. D-Mannose will dislodge if the causes if of bacterial origin.

As a safety precaution my guess is for you to take at least 800 mg of N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) this is a natural medicine found in the body and quite safe. It will clear the lungs of any mucus (bacteria and virus along with it) and will likely improve within DAYS!

Of course there are other methods such as gingko biloba which will improve any microcirculation needed to prevent such collapsing of the capillary actions.

I personally suspect that Vitamin B3 ONLY in the form of Nicotinic Acid will increase WITHIN 30 -45 MINUTES any tiny capillary actions (due to the flushing effect) and will improve circulation ANDREPAIRS. Take it every other day perhaps 100-200 mg. However 30 minutes before taking vitamin B3 (ONLY NICOTINIC ACID!) TAKE aspirin to eliminate the flushing effect or irritation. In my case it cause mild itching for 10 minutes after taking vitamin B3. Capillaries to be clear, taking about 0.4% of hydrogen peroxide food grade along with B3 will help. If you want to go low tech, just get Apple cider vinegar, however the amount is about 30-60 cc of apple cider to be taken every day. The malic acid and acetic acid will soften the lung tissues. Perhaps you can put vinegar aerosol and breathe it. The vinegar upon reaching the lungs will amost certainly remove the calcification and hardening of lung lining within days allowing such recovery. You might consider using Methyl Sulfonyl Methane and maybe synergistic with the vinegar.

Of course there are other methods of treating, which time does not permit me to go any further.

Replied by Maureen
Philadelphia, Pa

Ted: I have to thank you so much for sharing your story. My Father is in end stage IPF. He has been on Hospice since March. He could barely walk. A month ago I started him on your treatment plan of Aloe Vera, Apple Cidar Vinegar and he had already been on the acetolcysteine (not sure spelling). Much to the Hospice Nurses surprise his oxygen levels are improving and his lungs are clear. The one nurse told me only two weeks ago his lungs sounds like a washing machine. Today they are clear. It is truly amazing to see the significant improvement in him. A month ago he could really just sit in a chair. This past week all in one day he went out to lunch and dinner. And the next two nights he went out to dinner. One outing three months ago would have wiped him out for two days. He's actually able to live again, all thanks to you. I can't wait to see how he is in another month! You are incredible. Thank you so much for sharing your story!!!

Replied by Loraine
Orlando, Fl

This message is for Maureen from PA. Can you please tell me how much apple cider vinegar and how much aloe vera you used daily. Also, did you use the raw aloe leaves or the aloe vera juice? Thank you.

Replied by Vinnie
Ft Lauderdale, Fl

This is for Maureen from PA, my mom is at the advanced stage of PF, can you tell how much you used of the apple cider vinegar, aloe vera oil and any additional natural herbs and how often? Thanks

Replied by Maureen
Philadelphia, Pa

Response to questions

He takes 1 teaspoon three times a day of the Apple Cider Vinegar. He mixes it in a pudding cup although it's recommended to be taken mixed in water. When we first started his treatments he was having trouble drinking fluids because of such difficulty breathing. He also sniffs it once a day although I asked that he do it three times a day. He takes aloe vera oil pills three times a day.

I must tell you that he is doing remarkable. He's still on Hospice but they called to say that he's doing so well that the Hospice Nurse is going to only come two times a week and that they are no longer going to send an aide on the weekends.

A week ago I introduced food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. We shall see how that helps?

Replied by Mohan
Montreal, Quebec/canada

Hi Maureen,
Where did get Aloevera oil pills. I cannot seem to find it on the net? Shall be grateful. Mohan

Replied by Supreet
Jalandhar, India

Maureen, Thanks for your responses over the net, would like to know, how is your father doing? Hope he is well and how is his body's reaction to h202? Would like to talk to you over the phone or through email...Wait for your reply on the same.

Replied by Carthian
Racine, Wisconsin

Hi Maureen, I have not seen any replys in this thread, how is your dad doing? Is he still under the treatment?

Replied by Alka
Gurgaon, India

Hi Maureen, Could you send your email id? How is your father doing? I need your help. Pls reply to me at lifeajoy(at) My husband is suffering from PF.

Replied by Phollow
Surat, India

Hello moureen, any update on your father's situation?