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Questions About Sodium Perborate

Posted by Howard on 12/02/2008

My Dear Ted,

I read with much interest many of yourr comments,replies and advice to many troubled people and marvel at the extent of your knowledge which your share so effortlessly.So now I have a question ,which is; in taking sodium perborate in concert with Aloe Vera and N.A.C,how many mg and how often.Also, should it be tetra or hydra.I am already taking an enzyme therapy (Neprinol) which is having a positive effect,but I want to do more for my IPF and I feel that you have the answers.

I will wait eagerly for your reply.

Very best regards.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
385 posts

Your email ended up in my spam mail. So I went to check and found your letter. Thank you for reminding me.

The sodium perborate works like a hydrogen peroxide and borax in one solution. Hence, the dose if it is mixed is roughly the same as the usual borax in drinking water remedy. In which case, 1/4 teaspoon of sodium perborate, well stirred in a liter of drinking water is used. As to the tetra issue, the tetrahydrate. The tetra has more water component so they are more easily dissolved. Most use forms do contain a hydrate or tetra hydrate or other names, but it reflects its ability to dissolve in the water quickly enough too.

Boron in general raises the body's hormones to generally more normal levels whenever the hormones are below normal.

Enzyme therapy are generally o.k., but the body's ability to digest food tends to deplete the body's limited enzyme. To conserve enzyme so that it is used in other ciritcal areas as in the body's immune system, eatin less oily, rich foods, and meats, especially overcooked and fried are very taxing to the body's limited ezyme and eating more vegetables, and less meats, but generally partially cooked, reduced sugar, and less oily will help conserve the body's limited enzyme. I tend to be a bit conservative on enzyme use and use them and take them with food so that I don't get excess enzymes in my body to digest itself too much but helps reduce the burden of digestion process. The body's enzyme can also be reduce if people drink more water so that the water can process the digested food easier as the water helps flush out toxins out of the sytem faster. This is why some people feel better if they drink plenty of water during eating. It helps flush out toxins and acidic waste better, but it doesn't dilute the acid in the stomach since the stomach generally will squeeze out the liquids to the stomach before it digests the bulk food. This fact has been observed by an army surgeon for over 150 years ago. Vegetables are also rich in enzymes, as partially cooked liver when is added in foods on some ocassions.