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Question About Chromium for Pulmonary Fibrosis

Posted by Howard on 07/06/2009

Dear Ted: In December 2008 in an article that you wrote about Pulmonary fibrosis, you mentioned that Chromium (1500mcg daily)could possibly reverse fibres and also reccommended taking Magnesium citrate (500mg daily) at the same time. My question to you is about the Chromium. The Chromium that I can get here is called Chromium Picolinate-400mcg.Is this suitable and how many do I have to take to get 1500mcg . When I googled Chromium it seems that there are 3 or 4 types ie; Chromium Chloride, Chromium Citrate, Chromium Nicotinate and Chromium Picolinate.Which is best?. Also, is it true that nicotinic acid increases the uptake of Chromium in the gut ? I am anxious to hear from you as I am getting very jumpy about my condition.

Very best regards,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Howard:

The best chromium supplements that doesn't cause "jumpy" conditions is the chromium chloride. The chromium picolinate people complain to me about jumpiness, by the way. Therefore for the time being, I prefer to use chromium chloride as it caused the least problem. The second choice I used is likely to be chromium polynicotinate, because it's a vitamin B from of chromium. Picolinate might have been well documented, but this is also a problem since the patent holder also financed the research trials, without comparisons to the other forms of chromium. Therefore, I prefer to use the ones with the least problems. In my experience, if they do have problems the side effects can bet bad in a few cases, and hence it's best to stick to the ones without any problems from general use.

In any event, magnesium supplements will be the primary remedy when we have to discuss with heart muscles, and heart beats, it helps muscles become more relax, while calcium makes them too contractive.