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Posted by Geo

Interested in trying but not enough Information. I have Pulmonary Fibrosis and as you know, there is no known cure. However, even though it is a horrible disease, am reluctant to ingest very hazardous agents such as Sodium Perborate or Magnesium Chloride without more complete information and instructions. Additionally, I am also reluctant to spray Hydrogen Peroxide into the lungs without more information???? Would also like to know what Synergistic Herbs or medicines to use with the Hydrogen Peroxide or Apple Cider Vinegar. Thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Your condition is due to the result of usually fungus, usually prevalent in humid and mouldy conditions, if you live in states where humidity, and rain is the constant source of problem. The other is your occupation, where you work with dusts, chemical dusts, smoke soothe, etc. People have different levels of comfort zone in the use of any medication. I too am on the side that is extremely uncomfortable to use any chemicals, just like you. With this kind of fear, I start with very low dose of anything such as spring water, which contains extremely small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, usually at levels of about 0.1% H2O2 usually found naturally. Then with some tiny improvement of general well being, I build up to get enough courage to add, only 1 drop of 3% H2O2 to one glass of water and see what happens. Of course, at the time I was a little down with the flew and noted an improvement. So I built enough bravery to go all the way to trying 2 drops, noted improvement, until it went to something like a ceiling of 0.5% H2O2 level. This is the maximum level you should not go over. Of course, I really have never used that high, only in conditions of a high fever flu which works quite well on me the flu was suppressed for 2 hours, which called for repeated dose, until I was able to eliminate the flu entirely.

The other issue I have was breathing H2O2 0.5%, which I don't do it either as I assumed to be dangerous. So what I did was put this into an aerosol pump spray as a room sanitizer and I breathed in. Rather indirectly, well that really helped my asthma and breathing problems.

You need not do any suggestions recommended here and there are plenty of information here already. There are really two kinds of people in the health field, to be honest with you. The pioneers and the settlers. The pioneers you can tell. They are the ones with arrows in the back. The settlers like you don't have to take much risk trying new ways to treat. Of course, by not moving, as with the settlers, they also faced starvation due to need of a farm land for which they have to persist. Here in Thailand most would rather die from a serious condition doing nothing, then to do something and face certain hopes of surviving. And then there are certain people, like me, who sometimes take ridiculous risks, without even the possibility of even ever dying to provide you with the information, should one day I or other people, might face. The information I have provided when I started had no information or lack of it and I have tried hard to put as much information as time will allow me to. For me it is more than enough for you to decide whether to stay pat or go forward.

Remember, I am one of those with arrows behind the back already, you may not get more arrows than me, but we all faced risks from any actions or even inactions. No drug companies will EVER give you this information, it is not in their best interest to use simple everyday chemicals that can cure disease. So it is really you who have to take the initiative yourself and take your own health into your own hands.

Replied by Maureen
Philadelphia, Pa

I just got news today that they are taking my Father off of Hospice. He is doing so well that they no longer feel he needs Hospice. Ted, thank you so much. All of the Hospice Team members believe it's because of your remedies!!

Replied by J

Thank you so much for the update. My grandmother just got taken off of prednisone and all meds except for oxygen because the dr.s feel there is nothing else they can do for her. I plan on trying these supplements asap. thanks again for the update. And congrats on getting off hospice.


Replied by Punit
Edison, Nj

Hi, My mother had been diagnosed with Pulminary Fibrosis some 1 1/2 years back - she is on antibiotics - but the disease is slowly progressing. Doctor says he cannot do anything. Please help me. Did you'll get success with apple cider vinegar and aloe vera juice - please confirm the dosage and how much to take. Shall we try H202 ? Please reply to [email protected]. Thanks

Replied by Imran
Portland , Conneticut, 06480 Usa

Hello ted my wife has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis dr did all knid of test and today they told us this is disease she has and she had it for while but we did not knew we just thought she had cough. She had cough for few years but now she also have short of breath we went to see a dr because we though she had asthma they kept her in hospital and did biopsy now her lungs are hard and scars on them too they want to give her some medison but becaus she had tb germs also like any body has so they this with lung medison she get week those tb germs can be active so plese help me for my wife if there is any thing cure.

Replied by Deanos
Dallas, Tx

Has anyone tried any of these supplements, please let me know if they work:

Replied by Patricia S.
Detroit, Mi

My mother has pulmonary fibrosis (for the last 3-4 years) and is in the hospital and is having a tremendous amount of difficulty breathing. They say that she has the fibrosis all over her lungs, and there is nothing they can do for her. After reading everyone's posts, especially Ted's and Maureen's, I am starting my mother on taking aloe vera juice with D-Mannose 2-3 times per day, aloe vera oil pills 3 times per day, and apple cider vinegar in pudding 3 times per day (my mother is NEVER going to take it with water! ).

If anyone has any other suggestions or experience with this, especially success, please contact me at freebietrish(at) We are ready for a miracle! Thanks!

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
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Patricia, some health food stores carry ACV in tablet form if that would help in using.

Also a near miracle discovery by a professor Derek A. Mann at Newcastle University in England that several pharmaceutical as well as natural agents have a direct reversal effect on fibrosis. "Losartan and other ARBs (Angiotensin II receptor antagonists) regress liver, heart, lung and kidney fibrosis. " His initial studies are so conclusive that he predicts a worldwide reduction in organ transplantation (or the need thereof) if only the medical community will readily adopt the protocols he is establishing. Wikipedia has some info, but search the web w/ keywords Pulmonary Fibrosis and Derek A. Mann. At your next Dr. visit, provide him w/ some info of this discovery as I don't think it is very known in the medical community.

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh

I have read that the enzymes serrapaptase and nattokinase both dissolve fibrin in the body, which could be helpful. However, they also thin the blood so should not be taken if blood thinners are being used. You might look into these and ask your doctor if they would be beneficial. Best wishes!

Replied by Sevki
Walled Lake, Michigan

This is for freebietrish(at) Has there been any improvement in your mothers condition? I'll pray for her. A friend of mine is in the same condition in final stages, we are looking for a cure. I'd appreciate if you can let me know.

Replied by Patricia S
Detroit, Mi

Just an update on my mom. She was put on oxygen 24 hours a day to help her with breathing back in September. She was constantly coughing/hacking and spitting up phlegm, and she couldn't talk for very long without getting exhausted.

Because of what others have said here, she has been taking apple cider vinegar with D-Mannose 3 times daily (with a little juice) and aloe vera juice 3 times daily. My sister lives with her, so she has been making sure that my mother gets it everyday. I believe they put all of it in one glass with juice.

I spoke to my mother last weekend, and she has improved! Her voice sounds much stronger, and she could talk to me for a much longer period of time. She said she is not coughing at all now and not spitting up anything anymore either. She is still on oxygen 24 hours a day, but her goal is to get off of it. She goes back to the doctor in January 2013 for a follow up visit, so she will be able to see if it has made a difference in the amount of scarring she has in her lungs since we don't know without doing tests. I will keep you all posted on her progress!