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Cream of Tartar Good for Alkalizing?

Posted by Becky (Comfort, TX) on 06/15/2006

I have been trying Ted's recommended 1/4 tsp baking soda plus 1/4 tsp citric acid in a glass of water for eczema but have not seen results yet. I have been drinking several glasses of the baking soda/citric acid combination per day. I have been hoping it would help take away eczema. Also, I am one of those people that wake up at 3 AM and have a hard time falling asleep afterwards. Now I just drink some of the baking soda/citric acid combo and fall asleep soon after lying down again. I have a question, though. Does bitrartrate (cream of tartar) have any beneficial action in alkalizing the body? Do you recommend using it for anything? Thanks!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Becky: You should try MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane), and licorice extract and might be better for eczema conditions. There are many causes of eczema. Perhaps applying simple vinegar to the area in question. Vinegar has certain detoxifying properties where in my home we use it almost regularly after doing gardening work and those caused eczema. Sometimes certain toxic chemicals just brought his about, so I used vinegar just the same. 100% pure alcohol, ethanol really helps, but obtaining them in certain countries can be a hassle. Boric acid solution is another that you can test on skin to see if it is helpful as it has some antifungal properties.

Don't use cream of tartar, it doesn't provide much benefit as it was found people who are sick have high bitartrate in there bodies. Only potassium citrate and potassium bicarbonate will work, and only in small amounts relative to sodium levels.

Replied by Becky

The baking soda and citric acid and ACV did not cure the eczema like I hoped it would, but it does take headaches away immediately. 'My friend suggested that I dice up a clove of garlic and drink it down with water once a day for the eczema. Another friend told me about myrrh oil from the local health food store. She told me to apply that to the eczema several times a day. Now I have seen dramatic results. The eczema is almost all gone and my hair is growing back where the eczema used to be itchy and scaly. I am planning to continue drinking the baking soda, citric acid and ACV in addition to applying the myrrh oil and drinking the diced clove of garlic daily. My friend says that possibly the garlic is killing a fungal infection in my intestine and that is why the eczema is going away. God bless Ted from Thailand for all his good advice on these ailments. Thanks!