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Inherited Condition/genetics

Posted by abc on 03/13/2008

she has had a life-long problem with eczema on her face and forehead, just as her mother and grandmother had, and she wonders whether this is a genetic issue.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear abc

My eczema has always to do with acidity (metabolic acidosis), sugar and fungus issue. However to alkalize effectively I need 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken three time s a day. And 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of drinking water for a couple of days.

Some other people I found were hormonal in nature (imbalances), or hormonal imbalances and the ones that work the best were pregnenolone and vitamin B complex, usually B50 taken for about two weeks, but it's usually 5 or 6 days out of a week. I suspect it's adrenal problem and taking addition vitamin B5 and B8 is most important. It should be noted that niacinamide is used in the B3 formulation of the B complex, not the niacinamide. Fried food frequently caused the issue of hormonal imbalances as well as free metals.

Certain amino acids can also help, buy balancing them, although fairly slowly avoiding lactose milk, and instead using whey protein milk only in the morning hours can help restore some imbalances.

There are certain triggers to eczema, however, such as diet coke, not fat milk, chocolates, ice cream, tomatoes, diet coke, and monosodium glutamate, for example. Taurine interestingly will neutralize the negative effects of the monosodium glutamate.

Hydrocortisone like natural remedies such as taking drops of peppermint oil, or a small amount of peppermint mixed with some water applied to the area of itchiness can help, but so can a lavender oil applied lightly too. Both of those reduced eczema which occurs almost regulary with me, but I was again most helped with the alkalization and borax remedy.

Certain natural products can include emu oil, interestingly GABA, shea butter (which contains essential fatty acids), quite possibly evening primrose oil, fish oils but never use any vegetable oils for cooking or frying foods. Some people think it is the lack of sulfur and lack of HDL and they are right as my eczema has reduced significantly after taking yellow liquid egg yolk, with no egg whites in a partially boiled eggs. The egg yolks are high in HDL, while nearly all trans-fatty acid and oxidized cooking oils and trans fatty acid from the use of heated vegetable oils inevitably resulted in LDL. One of the highest trans fatty acid has always been the white bread, cakes, cookies, french fries, and other similarly cooked foods in vegetable oils. Hence I had to avoid taking white bread, but interestingly this side effect is somewhat muted if I just ate a tuna sandwich so the negative effects of white bread were somewhat reduced, although not completely. Interestingly the scientist who discovered that niacin reduced cholesterol used his wife's cakes to raise the LDL cholesterol in laboratory rats.

I don't generally like the use of over the counter medicines or various name products because of the excipients, additives and other things that prevent their effectiveness. What I do know is white bread, vegetable oils used in cooking, while taking essential fatty acids, and normalizing cholesterol, normalizing adrenal hormons and its precursors, such as pregnenolone, DHEA, hydrocortisone is important. The best way to do that is either directly or indirectly which can be peppermint to take the place of hydrocortisone in drops of 4 at 3 times a day.

Interestingly I have found eczema to occur when I drink certain water, which can contain chlorine, heavy metals, and other pharma drugs that can be neutralized mostly by often adding drops of H2O2 3%, in a glass of water such as 5 drops at least for a couple of minutes. It should be noted that if I do take supplements, my favorite supplements to reduce eczema, without the use of steroids, will always be the vitamin C sodium ascorbate, vitamin complex in form of B50, and some vitamin A. The natural supplements will include fish oils, evening primrose oils, and perhaps shea butter. A simple topical application of eczema can be 100% ethanol alcohol (ethyl alcohol - the kind found in alcoholic drinks), castor oil, sulfurated castor oil, sodium thiosulfate 10% solution, even 1% hydrogen peroxide applied over the skin and my favorite easy to reach vinegar applied to the skin a couple of times a day. IThe vinegar is the single most common topical applications I used, although it will come back again and again, if the body is not properly alkalized and borax is also taken. For that I suspect most of my eczema I have is either a weak form of autoimmunity often initated by a fungus issue that is causing most of the problem. Although admitedely eczema can have other cause such as free radical heavy metals, such as mercury vaccines which also have mycoplasma and this is why frequently autistic childre has eczema and it is why they are best helped with some coriander (chinese parsley) and spirulina and chlorella to remove some heavy metals but not taken every day, perhaps one every other day or even once every two days. However, the most stealth cause of eczema I believe is the "artificial flavorings" that is mentioned in all gum products, such as xylitol gum, sugar free gum, ordinary gums, where there is detectable methanol, formaldehyde (when the body processes aspartame in these product) quite often initiate a skin inflammation too. Artificial flavorings can include any chemicals the companies can put in to make it smell nice and by law they need not tell you what chemicals they put in, although I can tell you that many of these are chemical irritants, such as cinnamic aldehyde, d-limonene, and others all of which are non-natural in origin, and hence the name "artificial flavorings"

As to whether "eczema" is caused by the genes, most of the problems is that it is not, but that it is the dietary bad habits that run in the family. Take for instance an identical twins, being raised by a fat family and a skinny one, will acquired the traits based on their eating habits. So the identical twins may never look the same or have the same disease if the family adopting the child has certain dietary habits that runs in the family rather than the gene pool. Also epigenetics, a new field of biology shows that you can make an ordinary skin cells become fat cells, muscle cells or neural cells just by altering the nutrients supplying the cells. So in a given cells you can coax the cells to produce at least 100,000 different biochemical just by giving it different nutrients. Therefore a much more useful routes at least for us to treat a variety of disease makes more sense alter the nutrients in order for a person to lead a normal life.

I give you three examples where three different individuals had normal life just by taking abnormally high nutrients due to a long term sickness. One had bipolar disorder and was able to lead a normal life by taking extra doses of vitamin Bs. Another one had fibromyalgia and another had a morgellons and had normal life energy levels) by taking large doses of vitamin B complex almost everyday. While on the other hand a lupus sufferer can keep his condition at bay and lead a normal life by just taking borax and baking soda. All these people may not lead a normal life however, if they were simply to stop taking them, and the cause may not be genetic, but may have been of viral, mycoplasma (from vaccines), and other problems that permanetly affectived normal cellular functions, but we can still coax these cells to operate normally by changing the nutrients as well as avoiding certain foods.