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Eczema Out of Control

Posted by Harold (Gainesville, Florida) on 11/23/2009

I've been oil pulling with seseme seed oil (cold pressed) for about 2 to 3 months, and I have'nt seen any real added benefits except maybe some softer skin. Anyway, I have real bad eczema, and the last year or so its gotton out of control. I know alot of its from dishwashing at work and having contact with the sanitizer even though I wear gloves. They eventously leak, so it gets onto my hands. I recently tried apple cider vinegar (2TBSP) with 1/2 tsp of baking soda and my eczema has gotton worse. I was wondering if what Ted suggested, which was to use some other stuff with this mixture. Also, I've heard there's a Tea you can use that's been known to be affective on this terrible disorder. Are there any other remedies, Ted? I'm working on an occupation change, but until then is there any other cure to fight this horrible situation.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Harold:

Certain sanitizers are chlorine based chemicals, hence iodine drops before sleep 1-2 drop (lugol's solution) with vitamin C 100 mg. The iodine will flush out the excessive chlorine, fluorine and bromine, which is a common exposure now. Another easier remedy is to take plenty of tumeric or perhaps curcumin, about 1 tablespoon at least initially twice a day, with food or empty stomach depending on how people prefer it. In dishwashing, at least in Thailand the eczema is caused by a fungus because of all the water. A simple solution might be to soak in a vinegar for 10 minutes where there is eczema in case it is caused by a fungus. The vinegar is applied externally.


Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, USA
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Hello Harold,,,This is Meryanne in Orange City, Fl,,,for your skin condition I can only tell you what is helping me at this time,,I have had my ear canal itching and draining, and itching and waking me up,,then on my right hand I had the skin breaking open, it would itch for a day then fine cuts would open, sting and water would burn the raw skin,,well for the last 6 months I have tied many of the treatments listed here on EC, and ever cream I had at home,,this is what made the broken skin and the itchy ears, clear up,,Lugols Iodine,,,2 or 3 drops in 2 cups of distilled water (water free of additives) Now I started with 3 drops, then went to 2 drops, but I take it 2 time or three times aday,,and to comfort my ears I used oregno oil, 10 drops in 2 teaspoon light oil, apply with cotton tips, but after 3 days of Iodine they do not itch any more. Ok,,I did that last week and was amazed that in 48 hours my skin was heald!! so I stoped taken it,,,in 2 days my finger broke open again,,,,Now I am telling you this not because the remedy did not work,,,but because the cause of the problem is still in my lief!!

I believe it is mold in my house!!!! I have seen some,,but I did not realise it could mess up your body and system so bad. Well, I am making some plans in the future to change this problem. But get some iodine online and take it,,in 2 days you will know if it is helping,,,,Merryanne

Replied by Peg
Houston, Tx, Usa

I searched endlessly for what was causing my out of control eczema (rash growing all over my skin). It turned out to be overuse of topical steroids that caused Red Skin Syndrome.

This Web site (http://kellypalace61.web.officelive.com/aboutus.aspx) helped me tremendously because doctors had no clue what I had but my symptoms fit Red Skin Syndrome perfectly.

This may not be applicable to you but if anyone else has out of control eczema; crazy rash; hot, burning, itchy skin and you've been using/used topical steroids - you might want to check out the site. I saw 15 doctors before I found that site and no MD had answers for me.