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Remedies Needed for Eczema Around Mouth and Nose

Posted by K. on 08/26/2008

Hi Ted!

I have eczema mostly around my mouth and nose area for 5 months. It just won't seem to go away! I've always had to deal with eczema my whole life, but I've never experienced an eczema breakout like this before. the eczema is in the form of raised bumps and redness in the areas on my face. I went to my general doctor, and she said it was some sort of bacterial infection, and gave me series of pills to take (Minocin). she said it was a very strong antibiotic. I took it, and felt as though there were tiny bugs crawling underneath my skin, it was unbearably itchy. However, the bottle said there is to be itchiness expected, so i continued taking the medication. My eczema worsened and I was now so unbelievably itchy. Not long after i finished the medication, I went to see a dermatologist in February, and he said it was an eczema outbreak due to the severe cold (not a bacterial infection and then questioned why my general doctor gave me an oral medication to take that was for acne!) My dermatologist said to start wrapping my face with a scarf when i go out. He also gave me a cortizone cream to apply topically to the area. It certainly helped, and had gotten a lot better in March/April. The redness was still there, but no more bumps. It's now July, and since early May, the bumps have returned, and are still there even though i've been applying the cortizone. My skin feels tender in the area I've been applying the cream, most likely because I've been using it for so long.

This outbreak looks very similar to the eczema outbreak I experienced when I became pregnant. It lasted for the whole pregnancy and afterword for a few months.

I notice when I am very stressed out, I get eczema outbreaks on my face in the same area. I've never had these bumps before though. They're not itch or puss filled. I have been very stressed out since the new year due to a number of personal issues.

I went back to the dermatologist last week, he says he's not sure why I am still experiencing the eczema problem. He said perhaps it's fungal and gave me nizoral shampoo to apply to my face once a week along with the cortizone.

It was at this time, I came across your remedy for eczema. I've been taking 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar with 1/2 tsp of sodium Bi-Carbonate (baking soda) twice a day, for 3 days now. the tenderness in my face has stopped, and I think the eczema is drying up, although i feel it's too early to tell.

I read also, about the CarbiCarb remedy, where Sodium Carbonate (washing soda) is added to the ACV and baking soda mixture. From reading on the internet, it seems that ingesting Sodium Carbonate is dangerous/toxic for humans. Is this truly the case? Is there a specific type of washing soda I should be buying or more importantly, certain percentage of it?

I would really like to try the carbicarb remedy as I've been dealing with this outbreak for 5 months now and I really hate it. It's so uncomfortable and (I feel) unsightly.

Can you please advise on what I should do? If this is stress induced eczema, what do you suggest? How long is it safe to ingest baking soda? Alternatively, how long is it safe to ingest Sodium Carbonate?

I realize my email is lengthy, and I really do appreciate your feedback. Thanks very much Ted! You really are amazing!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear K:

As to your eczema problem most washing soda compound if clearly labeled as sodium carbonate is quite safe, quite often in smaller dose. Sodium carbonate is nothing more than a precursor of sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. To make a sodium bicarbonate, all you do is add sodium carbonate to a carbonated water to get sodium carbonate. Hence sodium carbonate is a more alkaline form of baking soda. Therefore a small amount of sodium carbonate is helpful. To help eczema dry up and I have a record of eczema before. One involves the sticky gooey eczema skin condition. In this one a biofilm is created and is a bacterial form. A simple remedy is the application of magnesium hydroxide 5%, or in common market language is called Milk of Magnesia applied to the irritated skin area. This kills the virus or bacteria by alkalization, but it is also very soothing but drying, killing off the biofilms that took me months to find and it turns out to be a simple magnesium hydroxide solution.

The other cause of eczema is the virus condition, and simple remedy is the application of a colorless iodine, usually can be either a potassium iodide tablets dissolve in a small amount of water, or a sodium iodide, dissolved in a small amount of water. This we can apply or wipe clean using this solution in the area named.

However the most common cause is the irritants from microorganisms where alkalizing generally helps. Therefore the best carbicarb remedy there is is the carbicarb plus potassium bicarbonate, which seems to be my gold standard that is better than the original carbicarb as it won't upset the sensitive sodium: potassium balance. The remedy is rather simple: 1/8 teaspoon of sodium carbonate + 1/8 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate + 1/4 teaqspoon of potassium bicarbonate in 1 glass of water taken twice a day. This usually clears up the skin.

However in addition to that, a couple of more remedies seems to be helpful for a viral eczema, which is 600 mg of lysine taken 3 times a day, plus once or twice a week zinc. Most pregnant mothers that I have noticed are generally deficient in the two M's which is magnesium and manganese, so those can have a tendency to remove blocked calcium circulation which allowed the eczema to flourished from blocked circulation as magnesium is antagonistic to calcium. However to reduce excessive calcium the preferred magnesium form I like is either magnesium chloride or magnesium citrate. Sodium ascorbate vitamin C 1000 mg also helps in the circulation as well as normalizing the body's required Oxidation Reduction Potential to normal, further discouraging microorganism growth.

It should come as no surprise that I do check heavy metals and the ones that we do are the ones we think is ok, which is processed food, high in estrogen compounds in the form of bisphenol found in nearly all canned products and may worsen the skin condition too. Most washing soda compound sold in the market are generally has less heavy metals then processed foods because processed foods such as the use of pots and pans are also high in iron and nickel.

As a tip the addition of dechlorinator that is sold in aquarium shops clearly labeled as containing sodium thiosulfate. They tend to cause the skin to be clearer removing heavy metals. Drinking green tea once a day unsugared, no artificial sweetners will also remove free radicals of heavy metals as this chelates out heavy metals too.

The use of sodium carbonate can be applied to the face when washing the skin can also kill acid loving bacteria and virus too. Or you can also use a weaker form of sodium carbonate such as baking soda.