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How Long Do I Apply Honey and Cinnamon?

Posted by Sumaiya (Sidney, NSW Australia) on 12/22/2006

I am applying a manuka honey blend and cinnamon to eczema on my face every night. How long should this be done for? It has been 2 nights. Also, due to the eczema I have a lighter patch of skin on my face. Are there any remedies I can use to speed up the process of repigmentation? Will the honey help with this?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A cinnamon spice preparation with honey if it works, some improvement should be noticed in a week or two. However for a skin color to return normal may take more, such as a month, given if remedy responds well. For me i just used just lavender oil for eczema. But if the skin is discolored, the cause of eczema appears to be a fungus. In this case of fungus issue, several application a day of 1% H2O2 plus borax should kill it and it takes about 1 week for skin color to start improvement. Then after application, a lavender and tea tree oil (50/50) should work. It takes a month for a skin to become normal, given sometime is also spend outdoor. The fungus is eating the skin pigmentation which is why it is lightening. Once they are completely killed skin pigmentation is restored fairly quickly.