How to Use Borex to Cure Mites

Posted by Chris on 07/18/2007

Hi Ted. I wanted to ask you a quick question, but first let me fill you in as to why I'm here.? I'm 27, and have been researching different types of cleansing since I was about 20 in hopes to clear up my skin... I've had severe acne since I was an early teen.? I was on Accutane 4 times... at first it worked, but it always ended up coming back, and the last time it barely worked at all.? I've done liver cleansing, bowels, parasite, zapping, fasting, colonics, hypnosis, totally changing my diet, adopting a great workout schedule... and it would seem after all this time I'm getting nowhere. People who know me think I'm the healthiest person alive, but if I were to ever take off my shirt and reveal all the acne on my chest, shoulders, and arms, they might think otherwise.?

Recently it has started spreading down my forearms, and this is just unacceptable. Now, very recently someone had suggested I may have skin mites, and pointed me in the direction of Earth Clinic, and mentioned trying some kind of Borax mixture to apply to kill them.? I've read through a bunch of?your posts and about the properties of Borax, and I'm a little curious... maybe it could work for me.? I was wondering, do you think it is something that is safe for someone in my position to try, and also I didn't see a specific "recipe" of how to water it down so it is safe to wash my skin (arms, chest, and face) with.? It is very posible I overlooked it, but I was wondering if you could tell me a tiny bit about what to do in order to try it out, and to know if it is actually working.? If this works, I would be SO happy.? Thanks!

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Dear Chris: If you are a healthy person, there is a way to check it (assuming you are the most healthy person on earth) and this is a good Checkup lists to find out what's causing the acne problems:

Urinary pH and Salivary pH is about 7.35 equilbrium All hair mineral analysis will reveal your minerals are ALL in an acceptable range. Hormone diagnosis remains at normal level

An acne can occur when the body is acidic, hair mineral analysis indicates something is entirely missing or in way excess of it and hormones are imbalanced, sometes due to calcium blockages from excess acidity. Organ-wise, liver remains blocked or too fatty to detoxify.

Boron is an essential mineral and it works by helping the body maintain the critical magnesium and calcium. Usually the body have great difficulty in minimizing calcium, and not enough magnesium. Boron also works by normalizing the hormones.

Mites, nanoinsect and man-made synthetic superbugs ( are virtually indestructible and in many cases are effectively dealt with using borax (a boron supplements always use this, often called sodium tetraborate and other similar synonyms).

A stubborn case of acne is often due to hormonal imbalances, which borax does and kills tiny parasites, which still needs to be "discovered" by scientists and you can wait until your next life to find that out what that is or you just trial and error without the wait.

As to borax, the toxicity of any substance is determined by the term LD50 which means 50% of rats get killed at x dose.

The LD50 for borax (which are now being quickly deleted over the internet when this news is out) is between 1500 mg/kg to 2000 mg/kg, oral rat, which is nearly equal to that of taking salt, where its LD50 is about 2000 mg/kg.

This means if an organism is extrapolated on the basis of weight, and weighs 10 kilogram, the value of toxic dose is 10 kg x 2000 mg/kg = 20,000 mg. (20 grams).

In practice, the dose of borax is NEVER anywhere near that, and the dose is about 1/8 teaspoon (in woman) and 1/4 teaspoon (in men) DILUTED in 1 liter of water, taken throughout the day, which is roughly equal to about only 50-100 mg taken only a couple of days out of a week.

In general the cause of acne, which need NOT be taken everyday are (a small checklist for you):

1. Zinc - antibiotic potential 2. Magnesium (needed by the body in many enzyme reactions) 3. Manganese (antioxidant) 4. Molybdenum (antioxidant) 5. Lecithin (rids of excess fats, and support liver function and detoxification)

If you want to know what you are missing out on that is causing the acne (most people seemed to have this pattern), it is blocked liver function, molybdenum, acidosis, and borax that was not figured into the equation.

I have a lifelong acne when I was in my 30s from aged 30 to 40 near my jaws which exhibits itself with constant acne and dark spots. I was apparently cured with baking soda, zinc, silica (from sodium silicate supplements) and hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide 3% at around 0.1% to 0.25% (1/4 of 1%) helped so much in clearing my skin that I took for more than a year (I think it was two years!). Apparently I had liver toxicity from eating too much oily foods that becomes rancid and could not get rid of it. However, the likely supplements I would likely to use NOW appears to be zinc, molybdenum, lecithin, vitamin B complex, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, borax, magnesium, tungsten, vanadium and chromium.

Two common foods that cause me acne (scientist could argue until the cows come home on causes) are chocolates, fried foods, ice cream, ice cream sundaes, sweets, toxic unknown chemical, and zinc deficiency.

Most people who do have acne that I am aware of, have low zinc, low magnesium, non existent tungsten (which controls blood sugar), and low vitamin B complex. However, it is not possible to ascertain blocked liver function except a good observation and this is why I found hydrogen peroxide and lecithin to be helpful. Certain amino acids may increase cellular oxygen (killing the acnet) such as taurine. Whenever urinary sugar exceeds 2% (Brix refractometer over 2) is possible as excess SUGAR lowers the body's immune system.

It should be noted that lower zinc levels causes excess sebum production which can cause acne. But inability for the body to have good elimination can lead to auto toxicity, where a optimally healthy person should have 3 bowel movements a day, coinciding with the number of meals a day. Dogs do have bowel movement almost equal to the number of meals they have, we humans choose the food we like, which leads to constipation since the foods we like are acid forming, delicious foods such as potato chips, french fries, steaks, and other All American foods. The traditionally health food are actually fish, complex carbs (rice, spaghetti, whole wheat), and vegetables.

Sometimes excess free radical either in the body's rancid fats and oils (where the known remedy is lecithin, BHT -usually single dose, and vitamin E) or serum free radical (where vitamin C sodium ascorbate and baking soda alkalinity handles that).

A skin problem is a reflection of acidosis, inability to tolerate sugar from various causes, inability to tolerate fats from free radicals or due to oils being rapidly oxidized causing a clogging, or that the body's serum has too much debris circulating, usually rancid fats or calcium.

What I do know for sure is if the body can rid the body of toxic substance relatively quickly through normal bowel movements, alkalinity to help perspire or sweat more and help reduce some of them. The other is certain diets may initiate the acne due to impaired liver function.

Your condition is an unusual one, which might be an unknown bugs of some sort (throughout the body is an unusual case), and perhaps borax can help. However there is no need to worry about taking baths using borax to replace soaps and also adding saturated borax to a hydrogen peroxide 1% to be applied to the skin can deal directly with a mites problem as this can easily be done without the worry of toxicity.

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I have mites on my hair, scalp, and body. Someone please help- It has gotten out of hand