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Dear Ted... You are my last hope. I came in contact with skin mites (scabies) sometime in late June. I never pinpointed the source of my infection... I stayed at a very old hotel but also went on a shopping spree and tried on clothes. It could have happened in either setting. The problem was exacerbated by the misdiagnosis. By the time I had a proper diagnosis I was suffering from hundreds of bites. I tried pemethrin treatment (topical lotion) 4 times. I felt sick after the 3rd treatment and vowed to never coat my skin with this drug after the 4th application. The pemethrin seemed to halt further bites for 3 days, then the bites would start again with renewed vengeance. I was extremely careful with my laundry, never wearing any garment twice and washing clothes with ammonia and borax plus very hot water and lengthy drying spells. I became physically exhausted after doing this for about 45 days... I slept on a air mattress which I sprayed with insect killer every day. I sprayed my vehicle with bug killer. I sprayed my body with bleach water, windex, peroxide repetitively.

I was desperate. Finally in my exhaustion (by now I had lost $1000's of dollars due to lost work and broke a washer and expensive cleaning agents) I tried Ivermectin. It seemed to halt the scabies for a full 2 weeks. I took Ivermectin 3 times but now the scabies are back. I am nearly suicidal. I have tried every toxic and natural remedy..tea tree oil, peppermint oil, salt bath, bleach baths, windex baths. The worst problem was that the mites seemed to lodge on my scalp... Please, PLEASE help me. I am now taking the borax drink, on my second day. I am a 44 year old female and weigh approx 124 lbs and am 5'6". I believe that I am also struggling with yeast issues as I have been on Minocycline for about 6 years (an antibiotic treatment for severe arthritis) Do you have any advice Ted?

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There are a couple of remedies that can help, but you may have trouble getting them. I will start with the easiest to acquire and go down the list:

1. 3% H2O2 is mixed in saturated borax solution, then dilute the mixture to 1% by adding to the original solution, which is one part 3% to 2 parts water. This will get you 1% H2O2 and the solution is applied on the head. Most scabies and Morgellon's make their living in the hair. That is the source of most of them. Apply as if it is a shampoo daily or wash the head and body daily.

2. EDTA (tetrasodium EDTA) is one tablespoon mixed in 500 cc of water. This can be used as a shampoo, however it can be used as a replacement for all bath soaps. The EDTA will sting on skin opening so rinse them not leaving too long. This may not exactly eliminate them, but it does help eliminate fungus--vital for small insects survival (I also suspect that it is possible Morgellon's so is seen as helpful).

3. Gamma Benzene Hexachloride 1%, mixed in appropriate base cream. There seems to be a worldwide epidemic for this unknown scabies or whatever, and this seems to do a fantastic job of eliminating them overnight (of course the treatment may call for one week). In fact this is THE Remedy I use in Bangkok for these unknown skin insects.

4. D-limonene (or orange oil or lemon oil) 5% ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol 95%, seems to make a great insecticide for the bed. Permethrin causes neurological damage, and they accumulate in the body somehow, causing a loss of appetite and seems to damage the neuroendocrine system. There is no known treatment officially, but I found that plain distilled vinegar taken orally seems to do a good job, for the most low level antidote for this.

There are many things I don't mention in postings because each individual has their unique biochemical situation. If there is anything that will help energy, then methylene blue 0.1% 4 to 8 drops in morning and 4 to 8 drops at lunch time, to help with toxicity, B50, and selenium 200 to 600 mcg per day to help with liver toxicity issues from permethrin poisoning that you may have.

To get rid of tiny microscopic insects in the environment (it maybe Morgellon's, from the your description) you may use EDTA solution (tetrasodium), 1% and borax 2% in a water spray to spray the premises. This may help the problem somewhat on Morgellon's, or Scabies in general. So I am just covering the bases here to cover most conditions. If we are dealing with larger insects, d-limonene (or orange oil or lemon oil) 1% will do the job.

Minocycline for about 6 years (an antibiotic treatment for severe arthritis) Do you have any advice Ted??

As far as severe arthritis, I think Doxycycline works better, but overall, all antibiotics with possible exception of erythromycin, cause side effects and produce neurological damage. I would rather do something really easy, first say DMSO 30 grams mixed with hyaluronic acid 0.25 grams, used as a dropper and applied to the joints first as a quick first aid for the joint. Longer term I prefer to used myristin, but if that is hard to obtain then maybe 1% castor oil in DMSO might do the job, but at less therapeutic value, but anyway taking MSM 1000 mg x 6 may do some good, but that will take a month.


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Gamma benzene hexachloride is Lindane. Read about it before you use it.

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Mites are a very real and growing problem. Here are some solutions that may help you. First use vinegar and water half and half to wash down all walls ceiling fixtures and baseboards. Make sure you do your furniture and that means removing clothes that you don't wear often and bagging them. You must wipe down the inside of dressers and cabinets as well as the outside. Next vacuum the entire house and pick up Walmart's flea and tick carpet dust and mix this with borax- it acts as an excellent miticide. Sprinkle and sweep this product over rugs (which should be removed and bagged if you can) and leave the product on the floor for two weeks. Vacuum and repeat again. You will need to do this for up to three months!!!! Mites, and it depends on which one you have, are notoriously difficult to kill without an exterminator.

For your body use dawn dish soap, yes you can shower with it and make sure you use a scrub brush and this means your hair brush should be placed into a container of salt and baking soda to ensure the mites won't be transmitted back to your head or be allowed to reproduce. It is important to switch products. Do not bath because it seems to be ineffective from my experience however not knowing the species do what you think is working for you. The next night use a coal tar shampoo like denorex then switch to 1 tspl of baking soda with 6 tablespoons of salt in a one litre container and remember to use that scrub brush also to clean it and let it dry out! If you are in agony after you scrub down rub your body with your hands with rubbing alcohol (do not get this in your eyes but I have used it on my head-works well) It will not be great when you do it but it will pull any mites off your skin, remember your hands are the best for rubbing your skin and getting these things to come loose. Many mites have hooks. Fungus and bacteria can be a result of some of the processes of mites so I use a fungicidal shampoo like nizorol in the mix. Also a product that is all natural called concrobium and has worked well for me. I used it half and half and rubbed it all over my body. I also used it full strength on my face with no ill effects. You must shower every day!!!!!! You can not wear your clothes more than once then unfortunately it must go into the laundry. Borax and hot water or Borax and cold but only if you can hang your clothes outside and in the full sun or freezing temperatures.

So sorry hope this helps.

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Have you tried Neem oil? It's a miracle drug to eradicate mites and the morgellons problem.

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does the neem oils you buy at the health food store work?