Help Needed to Remove Mites

Posted by B on 08/22/2007

re: Skin mites (Demodex mites) on human skin. Need help desperately. Dear Ted, Is there any way / remedies to remove, preferrably KILL all these mites especially eggs on my skins? My scalp is fine - no problem there, but my skin all over my body is not (except my face which is consider no problem now). Normally it's the other way round where peeps got on both their scalp and face. The little sting and itch and crawl can be unbearable at times. I tired boric acid (we don't have Borax oevr here) bath with sulphur...just so-so. Pls help. Thanks in advance!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The best way is to neutralize the boric acid with baking soda, until the pH paper indicates alkalinity of the color blue. Then this is mixed to a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution and applied to the skin area. The KEY IS THE hydrogen peroxide, which attacks the eggs to by blowing them up while the borax acts as a insect stomach poison.

Applying orange oil 30% in alcohol solutions can also kill the mites insect just as effectively. Both alcohol and orange oil are insecticidal anyway.

There are other ways to deal with this such a solution of tannic acid can practically denature all of the mites just as effectively. The solution is seen as 1 tablespoon of tannic acid in about 1 cup of water, would be diluted enough that it won't be too drying to the skin, but will kill the eggs as tannic acid attacks the protein of the eggs by transforming them to leather like substance much like the tanning leathers.

Replied by Jan
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I just sent you a message concerning microscopic ticks on my scalp. I don't know if it went through. I need help to get rid of these things. I have check with 2 or 3 drs. And they don't see anything. But, they are deffinitely there. The itch for them is very bad. I have tried different things on my head, nothing gets rid of them, but my hair is falling out by the handfulls. I thing I got them from my little dog who slept with me, and picked us something black on her belly, I thought it was just dirt and brushed it off. I think it turned out to be ticks, because I have tried lice treamtment andthey don't even phase the itching. It's really a big serious problem. Please help immediately. Thanks.

Replied by Ann
Umm, Mn.

Not that you have scabies, , , (microscopic ding ding)but these essential oils kills them, , essential lemon, orange and tea tree oil and lavender oil mixed together. 40 drops each of lemon, orange ande tea tree and at least 60 drops of lavender oil essential of course. Add 30 - 40 of essential lime oil and oooo! Um um um, , , after a shower, but its the citrus if you are wearing it do not go out into the sun, , , it WILL give you brown spots.

Tea tree oil, essential lavender oil and eucalyptus oil kills dust mites. I have read lemon oil does also but I dont think it is as effective s the above.

Replied by Bill T
Jacksonville, Fl

Ted, my wife and I have been suffering with mites of some nature for the past 3 months. Cant see anything but can feel them crawling and have very small red bites, they are driving us nuts and now I am scared of MD now that I have read about it.

I read about your topical spray, ... is that straight Hydrogen Peroxide and borax mixed together? Then sprayed on your skin? Thats what I have done tonight, how often should I put that on?

Also, what is your internal recomendation? I have started drinking 1/4 teaspoon of Borax and Baking soda.

Please let me know what I can do. My wife, daughter and Parents all have this now. They came over for Christmas and they all have it now. Since they just started symptoms in the last week is there something they should do?

Thanks so much for your help.