Posted by N. on 04/15/2011

Hi there, Ted. I really respect the knowledge that you share on theEarth Clinic website and have learned a lot from you. You're very patient, and thank God you repeat yourself. You're a great guy.

I have mites, I think. My 2 cats show NO signs of mange but scratch constantlyaround their head and ears and they do not have fleas orallergies. Not bedbugs, either. It's much worse atnight, but the days are not very good either. This has gone on for 5 months or more. They've been on Selamectin and Ivermectin for 2.5 months. No sitings or samples of mites. I've seen 2 entomologists, 5 pest control companies, and two animal vets.

I itch, too, especially when I touch the cats! But now, even when they are not around, I itch almost everywhere else too: in bed, sitting on couches, at the computer. I think they're in my clothes! And I've had several bites, mostly around my upper torso, back and arms. I also have patches of dandruff, dry skin where it itches, even when there are no visible bites. I can feel things walking on my face at night and around my nose. Yuk! I have to treat for mites!!

I'm trying to get information regarding amounts for the Borax/H2O2 solution if the CLOTHES WASHER HOLDS 20 GALLONS to fill it up. Do I add HUGE amounts of both ingredients? Do I need to soak the clothes for awhile first?

WHEN I ISOLATE AND DIP THE CATS:Will it kill them if they lick it a lot or should I put lamp shades over their heads while they dry off? Since they have no mange (yet), I'd like to fill a verylarge bucket with the remedy and just dip them (submergethem up to their necks) once a day in it. Can it be used more than once?(If it can, I'll make a huge batch of it to use for a fewdays.) I will spray my mattresses, furniture, floors, andcounters.Wash everything. Even the car now. Me too, of course.

Use the same measurements/ratio in the remedy as the big bucket for the cats?

NOTE: One website said that the life cycle of certainmites, Cheyletiella, is 21 days. Can I isolate the cats (with treatment), move somewhere else (withtreatment), and wait it out??? Will my house be okay in amonth or so? I'm too tired to care sometimes. No help. Running outof money and ideas. I've imposed a self-quarantine so I'm always home now. If you have suggestions or wisdom, please let me know. I'd appreciate it greatly.

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You can use it more than once. But I may add 5 tablespoon per gallon of ammonia chloride so this will guarantee it to be stronger. Also H2O2 maybe weak with each application. so it is best to add a half of that. But I think you have to limit it to 3-4 applications as the solution get used up. Since you dont see mange try to use magnesium hydroxide 5% in water or milk of magnesia and apply for 3- 5 minutes and wash it may help.


N. responds, "Ted,

If it is Cheyletiella mites, will the H2O2/Borax treatment work? You have said that it does not work so well on the larger mites. Is this Cheyletiella a larger mite?

I'd hate to use it if it's the wrong treatment or an ineffective treatment. I plan on dipping my cats once or twice a week for 8 weeks, along with using it around the house and on myself. If I should, I'll use the lime-sulphur dip, but I want to use whatever is the best for this situation.

I've been taking 1/8 tsp per day too.

What do you think?

Thanks again."

Ted replies, "You just have to use more of borax and H2O2 to work with larger mites and also spray the premises. It maybe necessary to do it at least once a day dipping and spraying.

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Cheyletiella is called a walking dandruff.

I wrote several messages on my kittens progress, she was a great trooper weak in size and physical being, but mentally strong, I had to do these borax and peroxide treat. every other day for close to four months because she was so very infested & malnurished because the mites take all the nutrients from the animals, these mites are just like vampires. I then found the baby mites were not ready to die or leave these treatments no matter what I did, so I went to the drug store and bought some lotion for head lice;do not leave it on any longer than four minutes, if that does not completely work try it again later on in the week, but it worked that one time for my kitten thankfully. If you can give her rich cat food, I was giving her Paul Newmans can cat food, number one best food, she is so fat now when she goes to jump up she falls off, but she is only fat because she was fed ten to twelve times a day, being way too thin etc. Good luck