Problems After Dining at Seaside Restaurant

Posted by J (West Palm Beach, FL) on 09/06/2007

i ate dinner on sat nite at a seaside restaurant, outdoors . the bugs got me . . good !!! got home monday and notice many many red spots all over my feet, calves, and now they're up and down my arms . the itching is driving me nuts . i've tried a peppermint oil foot rub that i had , ,and it helps only for 10 min or so . i have been taking acv and bkng soda for several wks now .. tonight i put acv directly on the red spots. . this afternoon, i tried putting h202 directly on them . . no affect at all .help . .a friend suggested that there might have been bedbugs in the hotel we stayed at . tho my husband hasnt' had an itching problem . . just tried licking some sea salt off m y hand , and drinking some acv and bkng soda water .. . no help so far. .PLEASE .. SOMEBODY !!! H E L P ....

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The remedy for mites infestation is a topical application of saturated borax in a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution. Plus I would add 1/4 or 1/8 teaspoon of borax in a one liter of drinking water. Or if some people have difficulties, 2-4 tablespoons of borax in 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide solution. I would allow a couple of minutes for the solution to dissolve as I stir the solution and will apply to the area of the skin.

This is the only one remedy against that has worked for me well and it also worked well with the dog mange. Originally the dog mange remedy was actually a remedy I used for mites infestation in the past. There are other remedies that may work just the same, but this is the simplest one.