Liver Disease, Issue with Dryness Inside and Out

Posted by Anonymous on 10/15/2008

Here goes Ted. I have liver disease and now kidneys aren't liking it much either. I am very dry inside and out. I shower with oil and constantly rub the best lotions I can find. I've done much research. Ive had something on my scalp for over ten years and now scalp is showing through and I had a huge amt of hair. Been to several doctors to no avail. It's built up crust, or dandruff. My scalp is very dry and also have some folliculitis going on. THey got rid of my thyroid gland as well 10 yrs ago and that is not helping. Recently I got some PH test strips. I have no acid in case that's of help to you. Very high on the PH side. I take water pills, thyroid med and a little bit of BP medicine and that's it.

Ok, here lately, I got what I would call seb derm on my face. Skin cracked around my nose, eyebrows, ears etc. THen I got that all cleared up and my legs are covered now with what I think is ecxema. I don't do Dermat. because they prescribe cortisone and I can't take it. Too weak. I tried the ACV rinse and it made my scalp even drier. I tried putting Tea tree pure oil on sores on my scalp to no avail. I remembered reading about boric acid on your site. I bought some today when I just happened to see it at the store. I don't know how to use it exactly. I have my face cleared once again but my legs are red, inflamed and not covered in scales like Psoriasis but when you scratch, the skin just comes off. My scalp will not really flake it's so stuck on there unless I scartch that off too. Maybe excema of the scalp? I will go get a DX and then get back to you unless you have another suggestion. I have tried, zinc, because I tested low in it, also in shampoo, and every other dandruff shampoo there is. Most of them only irrate and make me drier. There are patches on my scalp here and there without sores that are just dry and thick. But the whole scalp is dry. Dusty dry. But using oil only seems to make the crusty stuff stick worse. Am I making sense here? Tonight I took about a Tbls of boric acid, c of water and poured it o my head. My hair felt like hay. Then I shampooed with yet a new product that is not typical and if it helps I will tell you about it. Made by LOccitane I think. More of a herbal that a dandruff shampoo but is for dandruff. I am so tired of all of this and have been on a transplant list for over a year. I jsut need to get a little more confortable and am hopin you can give me some help. I would be forever in your debt. I even bought Manuke honey oil for my feet, ankle and legs for the peeling red hot skin. I do use all natural stuff. Once in a while I use salon shampoos just to feel normal and for my hair to feel and smell nice. Let me know if you have time please. Thanks so much.

PS. Sorry this is so long... I drink water water water all the time. Also, the liver isnt processing the thryoid meds very well any more so that may be my biggest problem. Not looking for a cure just some relief. It's gotten to where my hands are in my hair constantly. Not a good thing. Oh and I take plenty of probiotics but I'm sure this is yeast of some kind.

Replied by Ted
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Actually thyroid removal would worsen the skin condition, and reduces the body's iodine stores. Most thyroid are actually of fungus in nature which either cause hyper or hypothyroidism depending on whether the pathogens are irritating or blocks normal thyroid function.Whichever the case, I don't use boric acid. I used only borax because it is none acid. The other issue is dry skin is often an essential oil imbalance. It is a common condition that if essential oils are imbalanced a skin problems does occur. For example lack of GLA found in evening primrose oil but also borage oil, may help reduce flaky skin. Evening primrose oil, fish oil with EPA and DHA, flaxseed oil, vitamin A some vitamin E, and weekly or twice weekly use of aloe vera oil applied to the skin thinly will help.

Most of the dry skin coupled with very alkaline blood is a pathogenic condition. It helps to lower the pH within normal parameters of 7, excessive means dead cells and decaying cells producing excessive ammonia gas or ammonum compounds which is cellularly toxic, causing a dry skin. To reverse this excessive ammonia gas, drinking more water is going to make conditions worse, as it lows the body's chloride storage. Chloride is related to acidity in the stomach, namely hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid reacts with free ammonia to produce ammonium chloride which is safely rid of by the body's elimination systems faster. Hence, the mineral that may reduce excessive ammonia may be plenty of molydenum supplements such as sodium molybdate. I doubt supplements companies make the required dose but I like the dose at least -10 mg.

Assuming to reverse the problem by increasing the hydrochloric acid in the body through addition of chlorides. In this case the preferred mixture is 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt per on liter of water at least. However, in event a person who drinks excessive water, I think the level of sea salt may have to be increased to 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt.

Baking soda will also help reduce excessive ammonia levels even if the body is alkaline, by neutralizing the excessive acidity. Much of the skin inflammation such a eczema and dry skin here might be a fungus although most fungus in nature either are very hygroscopic, or if it is drying eats up the oil as a source of food which causes the skin to be dry. When this happens using borax as a shampoo, may help.

The condition you described seems to be a chronic condition where the system is very deeply rooted in organ dysfunction. In this case a besides 1000 mg of fish oil once every day, 1000 mg of evening primrose oil once ever 2 days, and flaxseed oil 1000 mg once every 2 days, along with twice weekly 25,000 i.u. of vitamin A, 200 i.u. of vitamin E twice a week should help much of these condition. Since liver detoxification is limited, it seems liver is impaired somewhat, two additional supplements such as selenium yeast 200 mcg once a day, plus 1 tablespoon of granulated lectihin twice a day should help the liver congestion problem.

To reduce the level of excessive alkalinity I think the preferred remedy is 2 tablespoon of lime juce plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water instead of the apple cider vinegar. The reason why lemon juice is preferred is it reduces the calcium in the blood, which is food for the yeast and fungus which tends to cause skin problems. Certain foods may also cause drying of the skin and psioriasis, in particular I think is the whte bread, white flour, wheat products, mushroom, and perhaps eating too much beans and spinach which results in excessive oxalic acid. Hence, taking vitamin C supplements such as 1000 mg is likely to help reduce this along with twice a week B complex B50 supplements.

Right now the most important organ to protect is the liver. Also because thyroid was removed, I think iodine supplements will help, in particular in the form of kelp. As a tip, the skin conditions appear to be excessive heavy metal toxicity, maybe too much copper, which also resulted in skin problems, or perhaps other heavy metal toxicity. Therefore I would likely to get a more detailed hair mineral analysis to find what specific metals is off the charts that is causing the skin problem. In any event of metal toxicity, regardless of the metal green tea, no sugar no fructose, no artiificial sweeteners is taken twice a day. It is high in tannic acid, or tannins and are also good metal chelators, that along with chlorella and cilantro taken once every two days should also improve the skin problem. If every was done right some improvement should occur within third or fourth week.

Raising the body's immune system is another problem that I have noticed, and I think the addition of kelp supplements or iodine panting, or iodine supplements will help the skin issue in this case. Excessive levels of calcium can also cause thick blood which reduces circulation in capillaries causing dead skin from choked circulation and hence the addition of magnesium citrate 250-500 mg, should also help reduce excessive levels of calcium by raising the magnesium to a more noral ratio and using the citrates found in lime juice or lemon to displace too much calcium. Excesive levels of cacium is actually food for the fungus which brings down the body's immune system too.


Replied by Lisa

Great knowledge here. Do you have a recommendation for a good kelp supplement?