Supplements to Cure a Fatty Liver

Posted by A (India) on 03/28/2013

Hello sir, I am from India. I've got to know about you from EC. You are a God to many peoples as your tips have saved many peoples live.

Sir, I am suffering from many chronic ailments for which I need your help sir. Will you please help me sir.

God Bless you for your noble work.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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We will resolve this by looking at your facts:

low WBC count of 5800, Hihg Uric Acid Deposition in Blood, High Protein, High Bilirubin levels, High Iron, Fatty Liver & Mild splenomegaly.

You have low immune system from low WBC count. You have abnormal fatty liver buildup, which is causing your high iron as a result.

Your health issues seem to originate with your liver, which is causing most of the problems, from basic deficiencies that help the liver and insufficient liver function due to a fatty liver.

First you need B6 with every meal between 50 mg to 100 mg. You also need proper acidity to digest food headed to the liver, using lemon juice or hydrochloric acid concentrated at 4 drops mixed in 250 cc of water taken at 10 to 20 cc every 15 minutes so the body can digest. The transfer factor is NOT HELPING because transfer factor is made mostly of a milk product that REDUCES pepsin secretion and therefore you cannot digest the foods. This is central to the entire problem. Once you cannot digest food, liver deficiencies abound, so B50 is taken 3 times a day, vitamin C taken 500 mg for times a day, and Hydrochloric acid 35% concentrated 4 drops mixed in 250 cc of water will help. But to help the fatty liver it needs granulated lecithin, taken 1 tablespoon at least 2 times a day. It takes between 2 to 3 months to resolve a fatty liver.

The low WBC is usually from mostly two problems, low lysine and low zinc. The lysine is needed to repair the acid reflux so the stomach can heal, as well as aloe vera oil 20 drops three times a day. Lysine is taken at 1000 mg x 4 times a day. The preferred zinc supplement is zinc chloride or zinc acetate, taken at a dosage of 25 mg a day after dinner with lemon juice after one week or at least 3 days of B50, B6, and hydrochloric acid, to allow the stomach to function by giving the boost from the liver.


Replied by Linda

Hi Ted

Is fatty liver the same as liver cirrhosis? Thank you, Linda

Replied by David
Orlando, Fl

Dear Ted,

Love your passion and knowledge to heal the world. I am a bit confused here though ...

Instead of lemon juice or hydrochloric acid ... can't one use like 500 mg (1/10 teaspoon) ascorbic acid (vit c) in warm water instead of costly lemon juice or other acid all the time? It's acidic. It's the main nutrient in lemon juice. Cheaper too.

You seem to use lemon juice and ascorbic acid in a way as if they have different functions for digestion, in yet, they do the exact same thing. Ascorbic acid is what makes lemon juice acidic.

Please educate me the right way. Thanks.

Replied by Timh
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David: Ted was an unfortunate victim of the oft persecutions that comes with alternative medicine and underwent a lifesaving surgery to his brain. Everyone here at E.C. are praying & hoping he can recover enough to return to us once again.

About the Stenosis or Fatty Liver. Poor diet, alcohol or drug usage, are the most common forms of FL. The lemon Juice stimulates bile which then emulsifies fat in the upper intestines. I use affordable consumer grade Lemon Juice Concentrate from local grocer. I often take ACV tablets to improve digestion. I also use a modified version of Dr. Christopher's Liver/Gallbladder herbal formula and always good results so I highly recommend.

Dr Neil Bernard has studied population demographics/data and made direct correlation to meat, dairy, and egg consumption and recommends cutting those foods and going vegan, but I am no fan of nutrition avoidance especially protein rich foods, so consider any or all the fallowing nutrients for increasing fat metabolism:


-Methionine with B-12/Folic Acid

-TMG or DMG or both


Mild natural stimulants like Coffee or Tea are helpful. Antioxidant rich foods or supplements help prevent the toxicity or free-radical damage to fats. Don't forget to support your Thyroid Gland or else get nowhere with efforts otherwise.

Replied by Christine

Praying for Ted. He's been a blessing to many. How do you suggest you support the thyroid? I have a goiter but I definitely have liver issues. I have liver pain and yellow eyes. Also have esophageal reflux. I've been eating raw but haven't included lemon water like I'd like. I remember Ted mentioned a lot of thyroid issues begin with the liver. Should I address liver or thyroid first?