Stage 4 Cirrhosis

Posted by M. on 10/16/2008

Dear Ted

WOW, you are the only one that understands this. I had a blood test done by Spectracell Labs a month ago. My suggestions for supplements by blood were, selenium, lecithin, NAC and zinc E. I have read up on what I am losing through urine from water pills and zinc is one of them. I have always wondered about chlorella for me. I have stage 4 cirhosis and so it's hard because I cannot over load my liver. I don't even take supplements daily. I was taking a cal/mag every night because calcium was low. Then I did this test, the spectracell one and it never mentioned take calcium. I didn't understand that. Through the last few years I have had bouts of this skin issues but only very slight. Like once I thought I left conditioner in my ear because the skin was dry and cracked. But now, something I need or something I am doing has caused it to run rampant. I put Manuka honey oil on my ankles and legs last night and began to itch some so I got up and put pure Manuka honey (not the oil form)on them and the result today is amazing. THey are not all red, very calmed down. As far as metal toxicity are concerned. along time ago my DO did a test for that I had loads of cadmium and others. Very toxic. I tried Chelation, IV but it made me itch something awful. I've talked to certain so called authorities in this field and they have told me chelation doesn't make you itch. I disagree. However, I think it was a kidney issue and not liver this time. I smoke cig. Bad. I have cut waaay back however. One pak to less than a pak. When my skin flared like this I stopped the added supplements. It seems as if each time I get on a roll to really bare down on things, it's too much for my liver and I become very tired or like this skin thing will happen. So, I am just not taking quite the right things I would guess. By the way, for future knowledge for you, that shampoo was wonderful. However, time will tell. L'Occitane Aromachologie Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 300ml / 10.1oz If this link you can't use it's Everyone else was out. Read the ingredients. The major part of my skin problems started when they gave me RAI to get rid of thyroid. Thyroiditis. Didn't know at the time I had hep C. (whitch cause it, no one i family ever had it) Found out a few months later. I also wanted to tell you what I am calling follicutlitis, there is no infection. Bumps hold mainly sebum and blood. The drier they get from shampooing, the bigger they get. Then there is of course the residual dandruff, thickened as well. I am sure I probably have a sugar imbalance due to liver. That can cause skin stuff. I will re-read all of your advice and I surely thank you. I had never been sick one day in my life until they removed my gland and everything went downhill from there.

I paid a man in CA. well, I've tried two of them at a very high cost (phone consult)to help me with thyroid as I do not convert T4 to T3 in my shape. I have even tried aqueous T3 as cytomel made me itch and bloat. Well, so did the liguid. So, I try to eat the best I can but I think I should juice as it seems, the more nutrients I can get from food rather than pills help me the most.

OH, I also threw in a bunch of Neem tea bags in the shower last night and let my feet soak. That may have been some help too. I love your advice. You know your stuff. Oh I do take vit E but bought the wrong kind. I have to get more. I bought an amino acid complex but will introduce EPO once again into my plan. I bet since here as of late I have been eating more meat. The reason being, my red blood cells are a little low and meat helps. I am anemic. Now on a b-12 50mgs supp and that is helping alot! Even with fluid retention. But meat creates ammonia. So I will read again your advice on that and also get some chlorella. I've asked several people including Dr. Mercola on line about that for my condition and I never get a straight answer. Thank you very much. I'm all on my own here and have been for over 10 yrs. I've done a lot of reading. Spent tons of money. But I am still here and still can out work most kids. Course, I hit the wall after a few days though. ")Thanks again.

Replied by Ted
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Skin condition is especially with bacteria and fungus in the leg is that the body is metabolic acidosis. So I would at least take sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate (or a better tripotassium citrate. a.k.a potassium citrate). The baking soda is 1/2 teaspoon plus 1/4 teaspoon potassium bicarbonate in a 1 glass of water, taken twice a day is the common remedy to increase the alkalinity thus reducing the bacteria and fungus issue. A drinking water should ad 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt. Cadmium is a relatively difficult one to get rid of, but green tea and tannic acid are my favorite way to get rid of it. I will drink on bottle a day (250 cc) of green tea, unsugared no artificial sweetners no honey. A tannic acid is an similar analogue of green tea and the mix is 1/4 teaspoon of green tea dissolved in one liter of drinking water. It removes the cadmium and lead. It should be noted that taking water pills also lowers the potassium too and hence potassium is added to the alkalizing remedy. Applying honey or even Manuka honey doesn't solve the cause and the conditon may come back. Therefore, alkalization is a more direct remedy in preventing long term outbreaks. A lowered magnesium can initiate staph infection too.

Living with a removed thyroid is very difficult since the entire body's immune system is reduced so roughly 5 years of life is lost that way from removal of any glandular functions that protects the body's immune system. Therefore a support of thyroid function is needed such as l-tyrosine supplements and kelp supplements for example.

The issue of anemia is a simple one. Chlorella powdered, 1/4 teaspoon dissolved in water and take for about 2 weeks the anemia should reverse itself, without the necessity of reverting to too much meats. There's more then enough iron in the body, but heavy metals prevent the body from utilizing more of it. Sometimes obstruction of intestines lead to difficulty of absorbing nutrients and only 1/4 teaspoon of castor oil, taken only once can relieve some of that problem, if conditions of anemia still persist.


11/02/2008: M. replies, "I bought some Lugols Iodine. I was afraid to use it but you are saying I should try it. My calcium is low because of stage 3 kidney disease I suppose. Just paint some lugols on?"

11/03/2008: Ted replies: "Painting would be fine, but kelp supplements are also high in iodine, although more is needed, usually 500 mg a day is the common dose for kelp to get the iodine. A kidney issue is helped greatly with the baking soda and potassium bicarbonate mentioned in the last email. A vitamin C sodium ascorbate 1000 mg and CoQ10 taken 5 times a day should reduced this general condition. Long term acid urine is one common cause of this.

The issue of low calcium is not the issue of not enough calcium, it's the issue of the parathyroid glands that is damaged from the Hep C, a common issue I know, but may Dr. Mercola might not. Therefore to raise calcium level a more sensible method is the vitamin D3 20,000 i.u. This dose is a therapeutic dose and sometimes doctors give 60,000 - 150,000 i.u. per day to support some issue of hypo parathyroid problems. Hep C generally infects the thyroid and parathyroid, not withstanding the thymus too.