Cirrhosis of the Liver

Posted by LEE (San Diego, CA) on 12/06/2006

Last year my husband was diagnosed with 'Chirrosis of the Liver which some of the top doctors say was caused by a bacterial strain which may have been lying dormant in his body for about 40-50 years". They do not know the strain of that bacteria. He does not seem to be responding well to the medical treatment he is presently receiving. Can this condition be treated and possibly cured naturally? I am so grateful to have found you

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The cirrhosis liver, regardless of the bacteria cultures are generally get easily killed in presence of chromium, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and alkaline pH medium. The best forms that does kill are zinc ions, salts such as zinc citrate, zinc acetate, for example. The selenium are often sold in 200 mcg dose and can be taken are often taken once a day or as prescribed by the bottle. Magnesium are synergistic and usually magnesium citrate, magnesium chloride, are my favorites, usually 250 mg/day taken only 4 days out a week. I prefer chromium salts in form of Chromium chloride, which are amazingly safe even in larger than usual dose, however, in our present market circumstances chromium nicotinate would do. These all have antibacterial as well as antiviral activities. Also olive leaf extract and black walnut hulls might be helpful as they are useful antibiotics, where often they have olive leaf fresh leaves or dried extract, but black walnut hulls are often sold in tinctures because they are quite powerful.

Eating spicy foods here in Thailand, often is helpful with liver problems such as clove, thyme, oregano and cinnamon along with the food. Those are the most powerful spices I can think off. For tea tree oil, I think rubbing to the area of the stomach will allow the oils to go through transdermally helping the liver problems.

Often liver have to take a lot of toxins from our food and it is necessary to help its function by drinking 1/4 teaspoon of natural sea salt to 1 liter of water.

For most people 1/4 teaspoon baking soda works nicely but in extreme cases, one whole lemon juice plus adding baking soda until the fizzing stops plus 1/2 glass of water will restore many organs much better in alkalizing the body much quicker as it has both citrates, and bicarbonates which allow the body to normalize the pH.

However the most important supplements I have experience was one case of cirrhosis to take 1 tablespoon of granulated powdered lecithin with every meal.

The person continued to live for almost another 15-20 years (can't be too exact and this is not really needed at the moment).

The reason why he died was that he stopped taking the lecithin telling me he was healthy and it was not because of lecithin. He died within the year, from obviously the liver condition.

Apparently he has always been a heavy drinker anyway and stopping the lecithin worsened the condition. If he just took sodium ascorbate plus plenty of vitamin B3, niacinamide, that alcohol addiction would not have been that severe or possible. Even Naloxone, is a cure for most addiction.

Of course the most difficult disease to cure, is not the disease itself, it is plain human stubbornness.

Replied by Anna
Chicago, Il

Hello Ted, You are wonderful person helping people online with their problems, are you a herb specialist ? I am (45 years old) having problems and my husband (47 years old) also with drinking alcohol many years but our health is starting to fall down I mean our livers are having bad symptoms, fatty liver and pain under ribs and in the back and needle pinching, stabbing pain, sharp pain after food feel like stone even without food, we don't eat much because the huge pressure. Also I had 8 surgeries for diverticulitis (2005), adhesions (2006, 2007, 2013) abdominal hernia (2010) and gallbladder removed (2011). Last surgeries were this year for adhesions May 6 th and May 10 th. want to mention that I cleaned my liver 15 times by Dr. Clark book and my husband cleaned liver 12 times. I visited some chiropractic doctor she is doing blood test by science and preparing some diet etc. She wrote that I have some possible hemochromatosis (it was almost a year ago) iron deficiency. Now after again drinking I can imagine that my condition maybe gets worse I didn't check yet. Please recommend something for me and my husband. We stop drinking 3 days ago and we wanted to stop forever. After cleaning liver I don't understand why my liver still working bad, my triglycerides always high. Thank you so much in advance. I am waiting for response. Anna

P.S. I just forgot to tell that we are having craving for sugar after stop drinking then we are eating ice cream and we have pore pain after. All of this is very frustrating.

Replied by Anna
Chicago, IL

Dear Ted, this is second email to you since yesterday, I am thinking that I having stomach issues also, last October gastroscopy shows gastritis but now I think stomach and liver together makes problems, I don't feel good today feel tired and feel my eyes burning or something (when I always felt this that was inflammation in the body) just drink today 2tbs. apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of water and 1/4 tsp. of baking soda if I have stomach ulcer it probably help like people saying on this website then if I don't have any ulcers this drink will not hurt me I think. Any suggestion.

Anna from Chicago, IL