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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 385 posts

In this day and age with free heavy metals, a mineral that is needed the most in my experience during term pregnancy that is ignored is the magnesium. Although some others certainly helped, such as B complex, vitamin C and quite important is the alkalization in maintaining pH between 6.5 - 7.0.

The one single most important supplementation during this period appears to be the vitamin D and manganese. Manganese seems to be quite low during post pregnancy and may be one major cause of hair loss too. The vitamin D needed by mothers I think is at at least 2000 i.u. to 2500 i.u. per day. The preferred vitamin D is D3 or D4. Even if they are not available a D2 may do. Still magnesium is needed during this period too.

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Replied by Rhonda

Ted, This week I miscarried. They think it was due to Trisomy 18- I am 14 weeks yesterday and I had the d/c yesterday. They said there was no heart beat and the growth of the baby stopped about 3 weeks ago. The test results will be take about 4 weeks. But because my blood work and one of my low protein levels, they are guessing trisomy 18. 2 years ago I miscarried due to trisomy 22. Originally, our Dr. Told us that is normal. Now, I am so confused and of course sad. I think we are going to seek genetic counseling and get our blood checked. I am wondering if there is something I should be doing on my end - more vitamins??? Do you have any advice on this situation."

03/31/2011: Lala from New Jersey, USA replies: "Short Luteal Phase anyone else had this? please give me some advice. Thank you"

05/23/2011: Aimee from Azle, Tx replies: "First of all I want to say that I'm very sorry about your loss. I don't know much about trisomy 22. I do know that a lot of women are deficient in progesterone, some even as teens. Progesterone deficency can cause a host of health problems including misscarrige. I was deficient and since I've been on natural (made from yams) progesterone I've felt much better. Just something that might be worth checking out. I wish you the best!