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Herbal Tea During Labor

Posted by D on 10/10/2007

Dear Ted,How are you? How has your summer been? I hope great...I am back in NY and getting ready to give birth.WhenI came back I found that my midwife closed her practice and now, 8 months pregnant, I had to find another one willing to take me. . . Very very hard thing to do. Unfortunately I only found one who is very "medical" and I will have to fight with her to have things done in my way. I found a magnesium chloride cream (with witamin B6 and GABA, component which I actually don't know) I plan to put it all over my belly when the contractions will start, so I will have extra magnesium to make the delivery easier. A girl who was attending my first labor (a doula, who is a labor assistant, needed when your mom is far away and your husband is not too much into delivery) gave me to drink an herbal tea during labor, I think there was black cohosh inside and other stuff to dumb the pain, but I can't ask her because she disappeared and I don't know how to reach her. Do you have any secret?In this months we have never stopped thinking of you and getting all the good results out of your cures.Yesterday there was an emergency with my little daughter (now 3), it was taken care of miracolously.We went to a little friend house and she had (the mother hadn't told me!!) a nasty cough. Yesterday morning my daughter started developing a fever and runny nose and the beginning of a cough, at 7 in the evening she had a 102.4 degree fever and was crying and not breathing well. I was not well too. I put on her back as you said a lot of clover oil (plus almond oil and euchaliptus oil). . . in half an hour the fever dropped dramatically and she was chatting and eating. She slept pretty normally. I saw in front of my eyes that she had been healed (not just a feverreducer) I almost couldn't believe how effective it was on her. When the fever is so high in the evening it doesn't drop like that if not the following morning. Thank you so much for the clover oil thing.Iremembered it had antiviral properties, I didn't expect they were so strong and immediate. (I put it on myself and I took apple cider vinegar plus bicarbonate and I feel well too, and I was getting it!) Many blessing for this and all the rest.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Sorry for late response, the emails traffic has beenheavy!

I am no expert on herbs because of the lack ofavailability here Thailand. However, I believe the teaherbal remedy is similar to an old Indian remedy tohelp woman deliver their babies. The concoction wereany of the following or in combination of: partridgeberry (used before delivery), raspberry (reduceddiscomfort associated with pregnancy), blue cohosh (tospeed up delivery), jute (good source of vitamin Bs),St. John's wort (soothing during delivery reduces theperineal tears), and shepherd's purse (stop thebleeding).

As for clove oil, this was an amazing remedy thathelped with diabetic high blood pressure (bycontrolling the blood sugar), it is antiviral strongly(especially the ones that reduced my energy level to avegetative state), and it is one of my most importantlife saving emergency remedy I can't live without. Itreduces fever within a record time.

Aspirin, vitamin C and zinc are an powerfulcombination too (quite synergistic), but dissolvedwith plenty of water. Both aspirin and zinc are alsostrongly antiviral too. What most people don't realizeis the acetylsalicylic acid of the aspirin dissolvesthe viral protein in record time. Another one that hasamazed me recently is the use of BHT. I had toconstantly find remedies against them as many of thevirus I encountered (must be my bad luck!) are quitedeadly.