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Lemon-bicarbonate Safe During Pregancy?

on 03/07/2007

Dear Ted, How are you? I hope very well. It has been a busy and emotional time for me: I just found out to be pregnant! Just a few months ago I would have been almost desperate since I was feeling so bad, but now you have put me back on my feet just in time for the arrival of the second little one. And I know that this time it won't be difficult like last time because I have found you, which I consider the only real doctor in the wide world. I am very serious! I had such a horrible experience with my OBGYN for my first child that people do not even believe me when I tell them all what he did to me. But I know that all the doctors are bad, it is just that people don't understand all the disasters they cause in their bodies. This time I am definitely having a midwife (who though in New York are too much modern medicine oriented). Think that I got, among other things that went wrong, a hospital infection with Pseudomonas aeruginosa organism who was left untreated for a month because my doctor neglected to look at my tests results. I just tell you: I thought I was dying. Also the delivery was extremely long and painful (30 hours of labour in total, 15 of which extremely intense), I am pretty sure that with supplements and herbs this misery can be made a little better. Also I had a headache for three months in a row, during my second trimester, it stopped when I took some magnesium /calcium supplements to avoid miscarriage since I had to flight in Italy. Moreover the doctor told me by the sonogram (which I am not going to have this time) that there was an Intrauterine Growth Retardation and that the baby was not developing harmoniously and she would be less than 5 pounds. Actually she was born more than 6 and was very cute, it is true that after he told me that I started eating like a desperate. Well now I am confident everything will be all right! I wanted to ask you if I can keep taking my lemon-bicarbonate 4 days a week (with 3 of rest) with some occasional ACV-bicarbonate. Also, I know you don't like suggesting products to buy but I would be so grateful if you could give me a little piece of advice on this. There is a huge difference between different brands. I have at home this prenatal vitamins, it is from New Chapter and I copy under its content. I know you suggest taking much more vitamin D, should I supplement it starting form now (I am 1 month pregnant) with additional 1000 IU daily? Also, you suggest somewhere else a lot of vitamin C (is it good to take the calcium ascorbate form, say additional 1000 mg a day)? And what about the rest? It seems to me that with my low thyroid precedents I should take some Kelp (moreover I am still more than 6 kilos heavier than before baby, and my hair are still very thin right over my forehead). I also thought I could add a multi mineral supplement like the one I copy below (Now full spectrum mineral). I sure will have to take a big amount of supplements but foods are almost worthless nowadays. I hope that with all these nutrients I won't gain so much weight like last time on top of what I haven't lost. I am pretty sure you get so ferociously hungry not because you need calories but because the baby needs substances. I think in the Western World we are totally undernourished, practically starving for what we really need. Last thing, I found a supplement called Boron (from Calcium Borogluconate) I think it is the same thing as Borax which I can't find anywhere! If it is the same thing, can I open the capsule (3 mg) and put it in our water (one per liter). Thank you so much Ted for taking time to read my long emails. God bless you for this, I surely do and my new child too!

Replied by Earth Clinic

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Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear D: Congratulations on your new baby!

The major supplements for a pregnant woman is vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B complex, magnesium, and zinc. Most miscarriages are due to vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin D dose for a pregnant woman is often about 2000 I.U. per day from pregnancy to breast feeding the baby. This is hardly an overdose.

A healthy human often produces between 10,000 to 20,000 i.u. per day. Magnesium helps keep calcium levels in check not clogging up the system.

Good calcium supplements if taken together with magnesium is mash potatoes. The calcium levels are higher than milk. Natural source of magnesium I think that is good is sunflower seeds. Natural source of zinc is pumpkin seeds. You can eat all you like with that.

Kelp might be good and might be bad depending on the source. If you taken before and it is working, then it is o.k.

I never recommend any brand or promote any brand. I can if I know the details! Also I want to get you used to the idea of reading labels! Labels of the supplements is what is most important in a supplement.

The best form of vitamin C is generally sodium ascorbate. If no sodium ascorbate is available, then ascorbic acid mixed with baking soda until the fizz is minimum. The resultant reaction in a water solution is sodium ascorbate. I prefer to buy powdered ascorbic acid take 1/2 or 1 teaspoon for example, then add enough baking soda in a 1/2 glass of water until the fizz is reduced. Then drink it from there. It is inconvenient, but it works the best. The body needs to maintain a suitable antioxidant level and pH level being the major foundation for our health.

Again no sugar and fried food and stir fried. Absolutely no monosodium glutamate. Vaccinations of babies below 1 year is extremely dangerous. Make sure hospitals don't sneak doing this.

A preferred boron is borax, or a pharmaceutical grade borax. I don't like substitutes. They tend to create new problems.

Prenatal supplements you send me is problematic. They use B3 niacin. This can be a real problem for a baby as it causes skin flushing in mothers, and imagine what that does to a developing baby. The preferred vitamin B3 is niacinamide.

Any form of ultrasound use during term pregnancy, will impair a baby's brain development as it works like a microwave frequency being similar in such. Ultrasound is not safe. It cause heat buildup and too much might cook up the brains where it does its damages.

Acidosis is a common problem in pregnant woman and the body needs to neutralize them with baking soda.

I wanted to ask you if I can keep taking my lemon-bicarbonate 4 days a week (with 3 of rest) with some occasional ACV-bicarbonate.

The most important thing a mother can have it to take this during pregnancy. It controls the pH. Keep the pH at that level will allow the body to detoxify waste without harming the baby.

If you can get an electronic pH meter, please do and monitor them. Try to get them near a pH of 7.0. It takes only an hour to know if you need to take more or or less. Often it will not be enough.

A mother needs to take plenty of magnesium and a reasonable amount of chinese parsley coriander for an obvious reason that if the hospitals inject your baby with immunization containing mercury, aluminum, and monosodium glutamate. A least the baby will have a fighting chance to detoxify them sufficiently not to cause retardation.

I have noted one mother whose children are autistics. It is not the genes. Her hair mineral analysis showed that she was indeed toxic with heavy metals and had high levels off the charts such as mercury, lead, iron, cadmium etc.

One area that pregnant mother have not considered: the effect of heavy metals of her affecting the child development as well as additional heavy metals created by the unneeded vaccinations.

I prefer to wait out until a couple of years old at the very least, not a couple of weeks! Vaccination tends to destroy the baby's immune system, particularly with x rays, ultrasounds, cat scans, etc. and other invasive techniques.

You hair thinning problem is manganese and lacking in amino acid that are nitric oxide promoters, such as L-glutamine, l-arginine 2000 mg to 4000 mg/day which I think should help.

I hope this small piece of information is helpful.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
385 posts

D -- Sorry for late response, the emails traffic has been heavy! I am no expert on herbs because of the lack of availability here Thailand. However, I believe the tea herbal remedy is similar to an old Indian remedy to help woman deliver their babies. The concoction were any of the following or in combination of: partridge berry (used before delivery), raspberry (reduced discomfort associated with pregnancy), blue cohosh (to speed up delivery), jute (good source of vitamin Bs), St. John's wort (soothing during delivery reduces the perineal tears), and shepherd's purse (stop the bleeding). As for clove oil, this was an amazing remedy that helped with diabetic high blood pressure (by controlling the blood sugar), it is antiviral strongly (especially the ones that reduced my energy level to a vegetative state), and it is one of my most important life saving emergency remedy I can't live without. It reduces fever within a record time. Aspirin, vitamin C and zinc are an powerful combination too (quite synergistic), but dissolved with plenty of water. Both aspirin and zinc are also strongly antiviral too. What most people don't realize is the acetylsalicylic acid of the aspirin dissolves the viral protein in record time. Another one that has amazed me recently is the use of BHT. I had to constantly find remedies against them as many of the virus I encountered (must be my bad luck!) are quite deadly.