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Posted by Jenny (Georgia) on 12/18/2007

Hi, My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. We would like to have a boy. I was told to adjust my PH level to have higher alkalinity by following a strict diet. The diet consists of no milk, cheese, nuts, spinach, etc. Can you tell me if this makes sense or if it is harmful to my body.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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What I can tell you is that at least in Thailand, most of the wealthy people who are rich have a lot more girls than boys. While poor people who can barely afford to buy clothes have nothing but boys. The reason why this is so is that the people who are wealthy, are generally conservative in their outlook. A strong believer in conventional medicine, use toothpaste fluoride regularly, eat good food, such as cakes, fruits, chocolate, expensive wines, fast food, canned foods and a lot of other "prepared foods".' Male sperms tend to die more quickly and easier under a toxic environment and if they do born, there is a very high percentage that they become gays or homosexual. The reason why that is so is nearly all packaged foods contains bisphenol A, which is produced from female estrogen hormone. Hence, sperm from the man, which determines the sex of the child has a better chance of surviving if they were female since the female has the advantage of redundant sex chromosome from both parent, but for the female one. While female sperms swims slower, their survivability is higher then a male sperm. While this is so, I don't know. Some scientist claims that female sperm (the sperm from a man determines the sex of the child) is heavier and swims more slower, but because of unhealthy foods, it is the female sperm that has greater survivability. Also excess pseudoestrogens from packaged food may might (and I am speculating here) in promoting more of females than men. In on study of a dog exposed to red light and another dog exposed to blue light, it was found that the dogs that had the most male dog were those exposed to red light, while blue light tipped the favor to female pups. It would seem that wearing blue jeans (which produces blue light) might promote more female than men in humans. Hence using red and orange clothes by the parents, and I am speculting here, will tip the favor for boys.

A poor people generally will have more boys than girls because, at least in Thailand, poor people can't afford fast food. Fast food in are for the rich people, and they can't even afford to buy estrogen laden package foods. Hence, the poor people, at least where I live, are more exposed to healthy eating habits than are the rich people, since diabetes is relatively lower in these group than the rich people. It should be noted that fluoride causes reduced sperm production as well as sperm to swim much more slower, but fluoride use only occurs in people who can afford toothpaste, which are mostly used by the richer people here in Thailand

Therefore, with all the conclusions on my observation, eating healthy, alkalized regularly (farmers eat lots of vegetables and alkaline forming food), that you might be right that the tip is in favor of more boys than girls. But what that is not considered is the importance of the color of light and the colors we wear that is also determinant on the sex of the child that is exposed to by the parents.