Cicatricial Alopecia Remedies?

Posted by David (San Jose) on 02/03/2006

I have been diagnosed with Cicatricial (scarring) alopecia and doctors gave me antibiotics, shampoo and a solution. They also said hair will not grow back. Scalp is smooth and looks like it was burned. Any hope or remedies for this? It still itches and burns sometimes, even after all the treatment I have received.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes there is a possibility of curing alopecia. Most autoimmune disorders, which in your case the white blood cells attacked the hair follicles. Actually your white blood cells know what they are are doing, but doctors presently don't or can't detect the mycoplasma which is about the size of a virus. However the treatment is a simple one. Apply tea tree oil and lavender oil all night before rinsing in the morning. Don't use shampoo, regardless of what brand you use it makes it worse. Use sodium perborate solution or borax solution to wash your hand. Borax and sodium perborate or even boric acid will kill the parasites in case you have any. Today the parasites are so small you can only see them in high powered microscopes. When using borax or sodium perborate, it is important NOT TO rinse out the borax or sodium perborate from you hair. Just leave it on, but you may dry your hair with a towel. They will continue to do the killing and when you add tea tree oil and lavender together it will kill most of the mycoplasma.

The other recommendation to possibly cure your autoimmune disorder and at the same time encourage hair growth is to eat one cup of oatmeal everyday as it is high in silicon and I now have seen my immune system being restored upon taking silicon supplements I make for myself, which is primarily sodium metasilicate and silicic acid. Sometimes I also use sodium silicate. The usual dose for me is about 100 milligram -200 milligram. For you I will be more conservative and just say 50 milligram should do. Your hair, skin and nail should improve within 3-4 days and possible hair regrowth. Please apply EVERY OTHER DAY, pure aloe vera oil mixed with lavender and tea tree oil to allow regeneration of the scalp over the burned areas.