Zinc and B Vitamin Recommendations?

Posted by SKB on 01/05/2008

yes, I believe it might be a difficiency...protien...I was not eating meat for a while and frequent fasts. do you recommend a certain zinc and strength? and b complex?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I did start drinking soy as well as a tonic of brewers yeast, lectithin, wheat germ. I take ACV as well. is the lemon with baking soda more beneficial in my case? also would lime work?

If a protein deficiency is indicated, this can also prevent hair growth. An amino acid supplements plus eating steamed whole chicken (liver most important too) twice a week would help a lot. The whole steamed chicken can divided over the course of a day. The whole steamed chicken should not be overcooked but once the meats are no longer tough, that's enough. If the meat is overcooked and dried, it doesn't have sufficient nutrition. Protein and amino acid helps tougher skin. This is why vegetarians sometimes have skin problems and glucose intolerance. There's not enough protein from the vegetables.

ACV and baking soda helps more with the energy levels and inflammation, while baking soda and lemon helps more with circulation as it reduces calcium buildup which sometimes clog a little in the capillaries, but mostly it's the circulation restriction and hence, lemon and baking soda is more effective on this area.