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Posted by Phillip (Usa) on 08/01/2014

Hi Ted, I was wondering have you found out any more information on regrowing hair losses from mpb? How come minoxidol or rogaine works? What does it do that other supplements don't do. Why does it stop working when you stop taking it? Thanks for your help Ted.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Minoxidil is explained in complicated ways shortening of telogen, lengthtening of anagen, opening up of potassium channels, etc. In a way were not sure why they work at least in public. But once were no longer taken it the hair falls off. Which is not the cure but companies make a lot of repeat sales from this. Why supplements dont work is explained in simple way: marketing. So you ended up with product that make promises and doesnt keep them.

There are supplement that work if the cause is known. So you were basically guessing them trial and error. My clients that see me I basically know the cause. A fungus in the hair roots. So we needed a penetrant to kill them which was tea trèe oil. Deficienies of iron or excess iron, usually zinc deficien cy and lack of blood flow due of excess blood viscosity, high blood fat for example. Lack of hair nutrient such as egg yolk or biotin, pantothenic acid, etc.

Some hair clinics have effective ways with natural supplement in dealing with hair loss but they cant say. They are proprietary secrets. As a result tbe consumer ends up paying on lease of these medication. Ted