Questions for Ted about Hair Loss and Heavy Metal Poisoning

Posted by A. (USA) on 02/27/2015

Hi Ted,

I hope you can help me with my hair loss. For the past 15 years I use be drinking at least 10 diet soda's per day which was loading my body up on aspartame and phosphorus. Long story short I have stopped and in the process of trying to detox.

I have discovered my blood sugar nutrients are out of balance and my hormone nutrients are also out of balance. It looks like my biggest concern is that my thyroid appears to not be absorbing iodine.

I seem to be having patchy areas on the side of my temples and sideburns, and this is actually on both of the sides of head. Now I still have all my hair follicles on my head, but these areas mentioned, my follicles are very small and don't seem to be growing thicker at all. They seem to be stuck in limbo.

I have done a hair analysis test last year, which stated that I high levels of arsenic, mercury, Nickel, Tin and Titanium. I have already started to detox and since this is what I believe to be the cause of my patchy hair problem

I need help on how to make my follicles grow thicker and stronger like the rest of my head? Please advice, as I am desperate. Thank you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Kill the fungus by using tea tree oil. Biotin helps hair growth. Two of biggest hair loss are from nickel and especially the thyroid, which controls normal hair growth. Seaweed such as wakame, kombu, chlorella and spirulina will help. Chelation is by cilantro and chlorella to rid of nickel. As for reversing thyroid then thyroid extract and seaweed for iodine. Avoid usual fluoride and wheat as it is processed by bromine which is antagonistic of iodine. The hard part is treating the thyroid.

Replied by Adam

Take Iodine supplement with selenium. Trace minerals would help because thyroid function requires 10 nutrients to function/fire.

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I put the tea tree oil on at night, but when I washed my hair in the morning, I could not get rid of the smell. Is there another oil that would work as well without the smell? If not, would topical iodine work? Also, this will stop hair loss, but can the dead follicles actually be repaired to grow the hair back? Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It depends on quality of tea tree oil. A good quality tea tree oil doesn't have smells. But if infections come from scalp, then borax saturated solution and maybe iodine. Hair follicles will have new cells if colloidal solutions and aloe vera and vitamin e. If tea tree oil smell bad and you cannot obtaina better quality one, try lavender oil.

Low thyroid due to iodine deficiencies is one of the main causes of hair loss and excess fluoridation and chlorination and use of bromine process accelerates the deficiencies by displacing the halogen iodine usually leading to subclinical deficiencies of iodine. The best ones I tried so far is nascent iodine.