Flu Vaccine in Europe Make News in Southeast Asia?

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, TN) on 04/29/2009 510 posts

Hello Ted,

Did anything about the flu vaccine in Europe make the news in Bangkok? I am sure that this never-before-seen virus is a result of genetic engineering. According to Natural Solutions Foundation when the pharmaceutical company shipped the flu vaccine out, some one (Hungary I think) had the smarts to inject some 4-legged critters with the vaccine first and found that all the injected ones died quickly. When called on the carpet, the pharmaceutical company said they had accidently contaminated the vaccine with the flu virus. When pressed as to how they could have made such a mistake accidently, their story changed to they had shipped the flu virus instead of the vaccine by accident. I wouldn't find that so hard to believe if anything about the error had appeared in the news media, but keeping the public from knowing about this, makes it smell to high heaven!! Fortunately word about the flu vaccine fiasco leaked out before they started pushing everyone to get a flu shot. Personally I am telling everybody to stock up on L-lysine, Vitamin C, also to stock up on MMS and SSKI, both of which are known to kill lots of pathogens.

Good luck over there and " non carborunum illegitimi"!!!!!!!

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The spread of the Swine flu is likely to spread only to the countries and those people who were already vaccinated. For instance, the reason why the flu pandemic occurred in Mexico is that a few months before the Swine flu pandemic occurred, Mexican government had a major free vaccination against the flu. Since vaccinations were easily distributed through schools and working age group for example, while the flu was virtually absent in people who were NOT vaccinated, they were quite alright, which included babies and very old elderly. It can happen in either scenario, either the vaccines had the active flu virus, which had swine proteins so they can thrive, causing the flu or it simply weakened the person's response to the onset flu. Since Asian countries were relatively immuned from the Swine flu, that was because most of the Asians weren't taking any flu vaccines. Vaccination is virtually absent here in Thailand, but things are changing here and more free vaccinations is being planned.

In any event, this is nothing new. The first major flu outbreak that killed millions of people worldwide is the same fiasco. The 1918 flu outbreak only occurred with people who are vaccinated and those who were vaccinated died. As a result, it is the reason why the Spanish flu outbreak occurred only amongst the Army in the United States who were just vaccinated and it didn't spread to those who were not vaccinated. That's why the Amish hardly have problems, who live in Pennsylvania. At the time flus were named so throw the suspicions off that it was the Spanish that started the epidemic when in fact it started in the U.S. Army, before the same vaccinations used in Europe caused a widespread pandemic. I expect the pandemic of the Swine flu to occur only amongst those with the flu vaccinations however. That's why Japan, China, and other Asian Countries, were relatively immuned to the Swine Flu.

Doping the vaccination with deadly disease is nothing new. It's been done before with polio vaccines that caused an outbreak. Then there was the hepatitis C vaccination in the U.S. in the late 1970s that caused the AIDS virus outbreak. The smallpox vaccines, which was taken orally was distributed free to African countries and caused a major outbreak of the AIDS. So the speed at which the Swine flu outbreak may have a lot to do with the same scenario as the 1918 Spanish flu virus outbreak. Viruses can only become pandemic with the vaccines is what I see to happen. In any event, most people would just be happy to see them go away regardless of why or how the viruses came from. The policies of population control using doping of vaccines was first written by Henry Kissinger years ago regarding population control in his 280 page book. So it's nothing new, the financiers from the 20th to the 21st century on population control has always been the Rockefeller as they have a controlling interests in most pharmaceuticals. Most people seem to be aware of this fact, but sometimes they can't connect the dots. The best prevention is not to have a vaccination. Since the U.S. has been having so many vaccinations in many students for so many years I expect, U.S., Mexico, and Canada, but to some extent Australia and UK to be the major outbreak to occur. It should show the same pattern as the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak where the flu has the most deadly effect only to those who were vaccinated.

Thank you for comment regarding the vaccination issue.