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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/30/2009

My first posing of swine flu remedy was a brief one as I didn't have enough time to post and I am sure it wasn't as detailed as I would like. I am also receiving some questions from my private email questions and some friends of mine regarding swine flu. Therefore I need to give some answers how the remedy was thought up, what should health authority do in finding treatment for swine flu (the word cure is a sin), and what methods are needed to prevent the spread of the swine flu not mentioned elsewhere, and would sodium chlorite 25% (MMS) worked, would colloidal silver works and does my remedy really works. I will answer the last one first.

All I can say is my remedy worked only for those people who contacted me directly found that this remedy to helped. I cannot say for the other people who do have it whether it works the same for all people. The only obvious way is just test everyone! Therefore, that's impossible to say, I simply don't have the numbers and the number feedback.
It seems I am the only one with the feedback. LOL.

As to the other questions, MMS (sodium chlorite drops with citric acid) seems to worked well for many viruses. Viruses have always had a weakness for hydrogen peroxide anyway. Therefore H2O2 is a good one to try if they were within reach, including ozone generator.

In general MMS (sodium chlorite drops) with citric acid (or vinegar) was used on other viruses too and has a broad spectrum effect, it seems to work better in that it stays in the blood longer and therefore doesn't require frequent dosages.

However I have used hydrogen peroxide drops alone in relieving the virus condition, especially the extreme weaknesses. That can be said true of swine flu also. A hydrogen peroxide I have tested with many viruses and have worked very well in relieving the conditions associated with weaknesses from the virus condition.

The dose is 10-20 drops 3% H2O2 (I prefer the low dose side) in 1 glass of water. It lasts in the blood for 50 minutes in killing the most serious virus (perhaps the swine flu too) but it seems to respond to the remedy.

A H2O2 0.5% concentration can also be used externally and worked well with the also the norovirus and most other viruses including the swine flu to prevent their spread. The reason why I know that exact concentration both internally and applied externally to the skin (perhaps against Swine flu) and the H2O2 is transdermally applied have a much wider effect in killing them much quicker. H2O2 does go through the skin and if applied to the arms, legs, neck, for example, helped greatly with the weaknesses in matter of 30 minutes if it was applied every 5-10 minutes. So obviously I can observe the effect of viruses being killed as weaknesses is gone in a very short time. Therefore frequency of application is kept at a high pace throughout 3 hours until the viruses just gave up. Interestingly, the frequency pacing is reduced as a person gets better. For example every 5 minutes on first application to tenth application. On 11th application to 20th is applied every 10 minutes apart. On the 21st to 50th application (if it's still there!) is applied 15 to 30 minutes apart. That's my estimate. But in general these viruses seem to have just given up after the 11th to 20th application. Therefore a maintenance dose of H2O2 drops is used from there on. Unless of course there's an extreme weakness again, so it's applied again. It rarely does require a third restart and the viruses by that time is tolerable, which means there's a lingering effect but won't go to the extreme's of making you really really sick. That said if H2O2 weren't available, I will also make a mixture of 2-5% clove oil in ethanol alcohol solution (or vodka) applied externally but required more spacing frequency, such as every 5 minutes for a couple of times before going to every 10 minutes, transdermally. I may have to test a small area of the skin to see if it burns or not if clove oil was applied. If it is burning, I won't used it. But may just use drops of clove oil instead, such as 1 drop per cup of warm water and take another one 30 minutes later.

Someone asked me if a yellow colloidal silver would work. Against the viruses it is generally too weak to have any effects in general. To have any impact. An aspirin was tested and it did have a temporary improvement, but it would come back again. The reason is simple: aspirin will dissolve any viruses in the blood, the acetylsalicylic acid in dissolves the virus coating. Therefore for me at least if I have a swine flu, I may also used this remedy: 250 mg of aspirin dissolved completely in one cup of water plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda with lysine 600 -1500 mg (seems lower dose lysine would work too if aspirin was used) and then BHT if a person has it at 1000-1500 mg. The BHT would have an effect in killing the viruses that goes to the brain. That's because BHT kills viruses in the brain and seems to work in relieving the extreme headaches. The BHT I used required only ONE SINGLE dose. Whereas I may used lysine a couple of more time throughout the day to tame the Swine flu if I should have it. The aspirin issue is also the same, but is used throughout the day not to exceed roughly between 3- 4 doses per day. I used hydrogen peroxide drops 3% 5 drops in a warm cup of water added to the aspirin mentioned to keep the extra kick in killing off the viruses is another possibility. In fact the hydrogen peroxide can be taken in more frequent circumstances than just aspirin, but I liked the aspirin because it simply dissolve them and control the fevers well. I don't like high fever because it cooks the brain and that's why I used it. I never used the paracetamon because it simply kills the liver and make the body weaker and therefore lowers the immunity of the body by simply obstructing normal liver function from such use. That's just my observation.

I want to mention a little more how the remedy was created up in that swine flu.
It came from an infected pig and the family cooked and prepared it. The lysine had an effect in reducing a fever, long enough for a recovery. Something that most fever reducing medication doesn't do enough of it compared against anti-viral aspirin. Now at the time, I didn't have antiviral that the authorities recommended, but test I have done before was disappointing from my perspective, such as oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamivir (Relenza).

The major issues I had also in swine flu was the extremely high fever and extreme weaknesses. It also spreads very quickly. And the other feature not mentioned in the news is the ping pong effect. It looks like the swine flu went away, but then it came back again, and then again. I can't say why but I can speculate, such as they have mutated quickly, or the body's immune system isn't picking up the swine flu as quickly. The only thing I observed was that lysine was the only supplement I have found that really stopped the ping pong effect. That said, I still need the maintenance dose for swine flu once they are gone still, to stop that ping pong effect. The news mentioned a child cured with "ice cream". Well I that is very likely to be a pure fluke, as the ones I got found that ice cream made the swine flu a lot worse. Assuming I am over optimistic and believe that ice cream cured swine flu, ice cream also have gluten as a thickener agent and there ARE people who have gluten intolerance, causing other conditions ending up with anorexia nervosa, bulimia, low white blood counts, celiac disease, etc. So creating an entirely new conditions would likely worsen the immune response, to become a deadly one. Let's talk about over aggressive immune response. Assuming the mainstream media is correct on the fact that young seemingly strong people are the ones with the greatest mortality, an expect opposite of SARS, where it is deadly for older people and very young children. Now the news media reports that theory as to why they are so deadly against seemingly healthy young adults is that their immune response were too strong against the swine flu. Therefore, to lower the immune response or even auto immunity, I really HAVE to eat foods AWAY from gluten rich foods as gluten increases auto immunity and puts the body on an overdrive.

Also The lysine was used because it acted quickly against the fever and caused the weaknesses in the condition to subside very quickly. But I can use them along with aspirin if I have to, but it is likely I will more likely used the hydrogen peroxide drops in warm water. And if an aspirin was added, I may need to neutralize it with 500 mg of baking soda. That said, the BHT I have used was done to resolve and kill the viruses from going into the brain. This is an important point because I have read that bird flu which is in the family of same viruses as same as Swine Flu causes the brain to be inflamed and in the bird flu it killed its victim by viral infection of the brain, thus causing the inflammation. Therefore the only known remedy that I can do to get through to the brain is to used the BHT as the BHT is both antiviral and it goes deep into the brain to kill the viruses, where most supplements can't do that deeply. This includes the Hydrogen peroxide drops too to some extent. But if a BHT were NOT available, I will use the hydrogen peroxide drops to buy time.

As to the alkalization remedy, the simplest possible remedy is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken between 3- 5 times a day in event of a viral infection. I much prefer a sodium citrate (trisodium citrate) and a potassium citrate (tripotassium citrate) as it raises the body's pH more effectively thus killing the virus better as more oxygen can be carried by the body since a baking soda simply would drive out Carbon dioxide, which is acid and allows the blood or it's plasma to have more oxygen. This can easily be confirmed by percentage of oxygen in the blood, both using the hydrogen peroxide and alkalization remedy. I used both.

What should I do to prevent the spread of Swine flu? What I do in my house I can try either methods. A mixture of 3% H2O2 is mixed in equal concentration of vinegar 5% and use a sprayer to create a fog and spray throughout the house, especially kitchen, bedroom, work place, is one such example. The combination of both H2O2 and vinegar you get peracetic acid which is much more stronger antiviral than if it is used alone. I can also just used a 3% H2O2 alone also, incase some people don't like the vinegar smell. In fact during the SARS outbreak in Guandong China that was not mentioned in the media was that the Chinese use vinegar to prevent their outbreak. It was so popular that the price of one bottle of vinegar went as high as $100 dollars per bottle. A Chinese remedy was well known to use vinegar to prevent their spread. I used them myself as an aerosol, mixed equally with H2O2 and vinegar. It should be noted that when using H2O2 whether with vinegar or without vinegar, I will rid of unused portions or at least keep the bottle open as H2O2 may create gasses and cause the bottle to break open. The best rule of thumb it to simply throw away the unused portion.

As to the masks while it is true that masks don't protect viruses because the viruses are too small. May I argue different. A viruses if there is just one single viruses flying in the air, will likely die from the oxygen within seconds. If it hits a mask it may remain glue to that or stick to that by their electrostatic attraction. Therefore a mask, a good one and if ALSO not available, I may make one myself and better quality is to use those 3M electrostatic filters used in air conditioners. If a single viruses or bacteria sees the electrostatic material, there is a good chance that it will be attracted by the electrostatic mask, and NOT go through the mask and go into the respiratory tract. So the mass media is full of disinformation and the current mask in used, in my personal opinion is inadequate. A good mask should not use a cotton cloth, a paper material, or a simple fiber. They should use a powerful electrostatic filter. Therefore I will look along those lines. Now viruses stays in your hand about an hour, on dry surfaces maybe two hours, and in water shorter time such as 30 minutes, in the atmosphere only seconds. Current alcohol hand wash simply won't kill viruses. I remember to kill an AIDS viruses I need a hot boiling acetone, or very heated alcohol. Therefore alcohol merely reduce the number of viruses, but not completely. The reason I know is no one in bioweapons disinfections really used alcohol at all. They actually used 0.5% - 1% hydrogen peroxide or perhaps sodium chlorite, or sodium chlorite mixed with an acid solution during application. The mixed sodium chlorite and acid solution may work like this. A weak solution of sodium chlorite is used in one sprayer to disinfect. Then it is followed by a second sprayer, such as vinegar, or the odorless citric acid and then sprayed again. The reaction of the sodium chlorite will react with acid to form chlorine dioxide at the surface of the material, assuming we just used only a low concentration where the smell won't interfere during disinfection. So what is the best handwash? Simply I will use a 1% Hydrogen peroxide and spray on my hand and apply thinly, but thoroughly. I cannot apply too thick as the peroxide may cause a stinging pain. The hydrogen peroxide may work better than alcohol against the viruses. The reason why alcohol is used in the hospital is probably it kills the bacteria, but not necessarily MRSA, and certain bacteria deep enough into the skin. Hydrogen peroxide, however is hard to use on the sprayer as you need to dump unused portions and have to open the sprayer bottle when not in used. Therefore, I much prefer the sodium chlorite 0.5% solution as a disinfectant instead. However, if we want the hydrogen peroxide to be somewhat more stable in the sprayer bottle I may use a 0.5% hydrogen peroxide, at the very least, since I don't like the sodium chlorite smell. There's less gas forming if I used the distilled water to dilute the hydrogen peroxide and NOT the tap water. It's the heavy metals that makes hydrogen peroxide unstable. So a good sprayer should not have any metallic so that the hydrogen peroxide is more stable and keep the bottles loosely closed so gas can escape easily. An easy way for me is to get a pin and punch a hole or to near the top perhaps to allow the gas to escape thus preventing damage from the bottle where H2O2 gas cannot escape.

What should health authority do to stop sine flu not mentioned anywhere else. Well obviously most of their effort will be quarantine and rapid identification. Now I would like a health authority to make a very long list of supplements, antivirals, and various mixtures and tested them on infected pigs. There is a fast way I used, much faster than their traditional method. about 100 times or 1000 times faster depending on how many antivirals I needed to test. The method is simple. I labeled 2 pigs, using antiviral no. 1, then another 2 pigs using antiviral no. 2. Assuming I have tested all at once all the INFECTED pigs using 100 different antivirals, I simply watch which can survive, and then I am 100 times faster in finding which ones instead of testing one at a time to 100 pigs with control and experimental groups. I just wasted 100 good pigs for control, and I just wasted a good 98 pigs for experimental group since the OTHER 98 antiviral drugs weren't tested. And in a crisis like this, assuming if it's is a crisis, we need to find the best ones. It's as if we already think oseltamivir for example is already a good, one, but that maybe a bad assumption since it work maybe just half of the case, and the other half dies. It's not a very good statistics. I prefer something along the lines of a good 90% effective and this is one way I can find the best ones.

I hope that covers a few topic regarding Swine Flu that has been raised by my friends and private emails.


Replied by Gerry
University Place, Washington Usa

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Do not take asprin to lower a fever during flu - a fever is the body's defense against the flu virus by raising body temperature to kill the virus.

During the 1918 flu pandemic that killed 20 million the nation of Greece and some others were not effected by the flu because the did not accept or use vaccines for flu.