Should Lysine and Hydrogen Peroxide Be Used Preventively for Swine Flu?

Posted by Suzanne on 05/03/2009

My son's school is shut down for the next two weeks due to a case of the swine flu. I know to use the Lysine and hydrogen peroxide. But, should we use it preventatively or only after we would be diagnosed? Would it be 10 drops (3% USP) in an 8 oz. glass of water for him, 8 year old, 80 lbs. or 5 drops?

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Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Suzanne:

If using lysine, bht and vitamin D3, I used as a preventive, diagnosed, or even suspect that it's a flu the remedy is responsive. But with hydrogen peroxide this is only used when the virus is there or is suspected of having it, or in the initial stages, or advanced stages. I have since update my remedy as follows, it seems to be most effective, here it is for 150 pound male and dose calculated on per weight basis for those heavier or lighter:

* 1000- 1500 mg of lysine every 2 hours. Usually by the third or dose it's gone for the day followed by a maintenance dose of 3 times a day.
* 1000-1500 mg of BHT once a day.
* Vitamin D3 80,000 i.u., taken for once a day, for about 3-5 days should be sufficient.

A hydrogen peroxide can be used synergistically with lysine to keep the fever down. But it's given at every two hours, as the lysine and hydrogen peroxide is consumed quickly. I have found vitamin D3 to be helpful. However, D2 will do also, and that was what I tested here since D3 is too expensive.

Sea salt is helpful with mucus and long term cough symptoms, but is taken at a much later stage of the condition. BHT is preventive against viruses entering the brain, since H1N1 and certain variants kill victims by brain inflammation.

I hope this information helps, if not email me.


Replied by Brian

By lysine, do you mean L-lysine? Are they one and the same?