Swine Flu Remedies for Toddlers?

Posted by William on 11/09/2009

Ted, please address the remedy you would use for children 3 and under with the 'Swine' (lying) Flu. Are the asprin tablets diluted in water safe for them? I have a 5 month old grandchild and I want to be prepared. How sad is it that You don't even live in the United States and I trust your judgement 1000 times more than our government. Thank you for what you do.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear William:

A child of 3 years old requires a lysine dose for the swine flu to be around 150 mg. Interestingly a baby aspirin of 80 mg would work against swine flu at that dose. The dose appears closer to 160 mg. The dose again is taken ideally for 50 minute to 55 minute doses, or maximum hourly dose, but not exceed one hour with each dose to equal 4 doses. The dose may be started any time, and each dose has to be started maximum of one hour apart. When administering either an aspirin or a lysine, it's always important to dssolve in 1/3 or 1/4 cup of water for a child that age.

To test whether a child has problems (Reye's Syndrome) about aspirin is simple. A baby aspirin 80 mg is dissolved in a 1/4 cup of water and take it. Monitor for one hour or so. If there's no problem then the aspirin dose can be used for swine flu in event lysine can't be found. Usually a typical 4 dose aspirin or a 4 dose lysine will work, but if they don't it's usually the dose isn't large enough or it was spaced beyond the maximum time limit of an hourly dose. These get used up by the body pretty easy. They can also be used in event forced or mandatory vaccination, which often leads to a child of fever or a high fever after vaccination in most cases. We can also use the aspirin/lysine to kill the live virus when they injected in a person. Hence, the injury from using the live viruses will be minimized but little can be helped if authorities add in thimerosal. An aspirin will usually neuralized many endotoxins (and other deadly weak viruses), but not mercury thimerosal found in the vaccines.


Replied by Tina
Ann Arbor, Mi

my 16 yr old daughter appears to have swine flu and I am worried about what to do. I want to try the aspirin but reading about reyes has me worried. you say to wait an hour and see for problems....what problems would there be? could it still be dangerous to do even one dose? I have been trying the lysine 500mg every two hours-is this enough? what about vitamin d- you say 80,0000 iu but mine are only 1000iu each. please help!