Children in Ny Who Might Have Swine Flu

Posted by D. on 05/01/2009

Hi Ted,

Just a brief not becuase I have no time. My daughter has been having a cough since Tuesday, later in the week she developed a fever, now it is 101.3, she also has headache and sore throat. It sounds like the swine flu. I think that it is very widespread here in New York. Several children in her school have the same symptoms. If it is the swine it is not so bad, even if she might get worse soon. My 17 months old is starting to get a cough as well, and I don't feel well either (bad cold) Anyway I am giving them Lysine but not BHT because I don't know if it is ok for children. And I am rubbing clove oil. Every time I give her Lysine the fever goes down in the matter of 10 minutes, (I checked it right now and it is 100.4) it is almost incredible. But then it goes up again. Any suggestion for the children?

God bless you for giving me the tip of the lysine. I am so grateful!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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First, whatever you are doing if the lysine wasn't given enough the fever would come back. Secondly, the lysine frequently before the fever goes up. Thirdly, most of the swine flu that's deadly is likely to be those who are already vaccinated with the flu vaccines or other vaccines. This means those who were not vaccinated, then the swine flu isn't that bad. The pandemic that occurred in Mexico was that a several of months ago, the Mexican government promoted free flu vaccination to young adults and those are where the targeted deadly viruses did occur.

I have since modified this form of flu, either 2009 virus or swine flu to include vitamin D. In grown 150 pound adults, the dose minimum is 80,000 i.u. So on a per weight calculation of vitamin D2, the dose is calculated accordingly. A small one drop of peppermint in a warm cup and drink regularly may work better than clove oil, is possible also, but it needs a little more time than the lysine.

In any event, the dose for lysine is given at two hours interval, in case it becomes a recurring feature. BHT is often added in many food products, as in bread, cakes, etc as it is relatively safe. The key issue is to get the proper dose based on weight. For example if my dose for BHT is 1000 mg at least and weigh 150 pounds, if I happen to weigh 1/2 of that my dose would be 500 mg, on the other hand if I weigh 300 pounds I am likely to take twice that dose. It protects against brain inflammation and also has antiviral properties. I have tested many other generic antivirals as in potassium iodide, zinc, vitamin C, they all don't work as well as the lysine, BHT, and vitamin D. In addition peppermint oil might work well in a few cases, and given only once or twice or three times as it seems to reduce inflammation in combination with the other remedy or in event BHT is not available. A hydrogen peroxide drops are also helpful too, such as 5-10 drops per glass of water. A person can drink any amount he feels confortable, but is not nearly as dramatic as a lysine, but can be used as a complementary remedy.

This swine flu is the same flu or similar one that I have expected a major outbreak to occur with my original posting of the 2009 virus. I can't called it the swine flu at the time because I believed that it happened from humans to humans (which proved to be true only a couple of days after WHO announced this), but also what's not mentioned was it occurs in vaccinated child. The degree of widespread come from the fact that this virus has a ping pong effect. That means it comes back again and again and lysine seems to be needed. However, a BHT is dose depending on the weight of the individual and is calculated accordingly. What it does is to protect against brain inflammation, a common feature where both Avian flu and swine flu kills it's victim when it enters the system.

I am sure I have no perfect remedy but this works the best or at least I was able to stop it. The current outbreak at least for me is similar since the start of last year. The reason it's likely to be widespread is it doesn't go away easily if you don't have the right kind of supplements to take.

It should be noted that peppermint oil added in a warm cup of water was meant to help with the cough directly and kill some of the lingering virus along the throat area. At least for me if fever is high my favorite in case I can't get BHT, and I do have a run of bad luck, is to use aspirin with hydrogen peroxide as a substitute. These two quickly reduce the inflammation and the aspirin (when buffered and added with baking soda) dissolves the viruses and reduce the inflammation, as well as reduce the fever to boot, but it takes a longer time, such as 30 or so minutes.

To identify an outbreak before an offical outbreak, you need to look at the tourist areas, hotels, bar, airline, airports, tends to occur first. Then it's followed by buses, restaurants, school, for example. It tends to happen almost simultaneously or right after a major flu vaccination drive which makes them deadly. It's the same feature I see with the 1918 Spanish flu virus where mostly young U.S. male military in the middle of America were the most deadly outbreak occured because those were the ones who had the vaccination, it also is a similar strain, H1N1. The name 1918 Spanish flu virus is a misnomer.


Replied by D

Dear Ted,

I have no time, so just a word to update you about my daughter. Last night I was up watching her for part of the night. I started being worried since her fever started going up again around 3 a.m.. Around 6 am it was 103! I gave her lysine again, but she was crying and she just licked a little bit of it, it was enough to send her fever down a little, so she slept unitl 7:30 but the fever at this point was again 102.8 and she started screaming and being incoherent and very frightened. She was coughing a lot, saying that her eyes hurt and so did her throat and head. I freaked out.I was seriously scared, especially because of her extreme agitation. I managed to give her more lysine, a good quantity this time. In 15-20 minutes she stopped crying and started being quiet. The fever had gone down. She has been much better since this morning, I gave her vit. D and more lysine and also Bht. Now (6 p.m.) she has a fever over 100 but she is playing and is happy.

She is still coughing. If this was not swine flu it was its twin brother. I don't know what I would have done without your advice Ted! It was really scary to see her panicking. I don't know why she was complaining about her eyes. . . Hope this is it and that the worst is over. I still expect the ping pong effect that has been going on all these days though. . .

Infinite thanks again, God bless you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I am very happy to hear of your daughter's improvement. The symptoms appears to be a swine flu. Luckily you did not wait until it goes all the way to 105 and that was good, because that's a level that I consider very dangerous. Actually 104 is fever, and terrible, but 105 is dangerous. Luckily I heard about this virus, but could not put my proper name of the virus, but I do know privately its a variant of H1N1 virus, in which case it's quite powerful, it kills people by hyper fever, so it is practically cooking your brains from the heat and that's when it inflames the brain so I wouldn't like that at all. The BHT prevent's the viruses from entering the brain, but it is the lysine that reduces the fever.

One tip: a lysine can be grounded to a powered form and mixed in any appropriate liquids, as in 25% apple juice with 75% water then a tablet of lysine is grounded and drank from the straws. This the children will find acceptable.


Replied by Laurie
Sudbury, Ontario

Once again you dont say how old can a child be to receive Lsyine and do you add it to juice and always add water or just add water if its apple juics. Sorry I have to make sure as my grandaugther is 5 and if she comes down with the flu or any other child we need them to be safe.

Please explain all this, thank you.