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How to Prepare Mineral Hci Solution

Posted by Howard

Good God. Is it not incredible what you have written - I have no words. I am a chemist by training, and I understand the basics of HCl chemistry. But I had no idea that in 1930, such incredible discoveries were made. Even, reversing malignancies. Mark you, nothing has been mentioned of them since then. Please tell me, exactly how to prepare a "mineral HCl solution" which I can take orally along these lines. Do we make it up with distilled water? Maybe we can get a pharmacist to make it up. And you say, I might be benefited by consuming "Zhi Ma" ("Go Ma" in Japanese) to supply phosphorus.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Howard:

There is another way of treating gallstone based on the makeup of your gallstones. (There are so many ways to treat this). This might be the simplest. Assuming your gallstone is made up of cholesterol and calcium, the method is to find foods and supplements which will dissolve them.

Cholesterol can be dissolved by lowering your dietary intake of vegetable oils and increasing your consumption of lecithin. When dissolving cacium, which consists of mainly calcium carbonate, EDTA is the best to dissolve them. If you have disodium EDTA at home you can try dissolving some white calcium that is common in bathroom and kitchen sinks as well as cloudy glass of water. For each gram of disodium EDTA, it will dissolve about 201 mg of Calcium carbonate. Taking about 250 mg of disodium EDTA for a month, theoretically speaking would dissolve most of your gallstone problems.

In some cases, crystals in gallstone indicates the presence of uric acid, which incidently might mean eating foods high in uric acid (such as coffee, beans, oysters, etc) or other high purine foods. A small amount of lithium carbonate to drinking water will dissolve that. For me, about 10-15 mg/day dissolved in water is sufficient taken over about 1-2 weeks. However, what they sell in drugs stores is about 250 mg. which in my opinion is too strong. Lithium cabonate is the best solvent for uric acids. Taking of even a small amounts of lithium carbonate, you will experience frequent urination, and your body's metabolism will be raised by activating your thyroid. However, this only occur at my dosage I mentioned. Taking the "doctor's dosage" will not work since it is too high, and the opposite will occur. This is based on my personal experimentation using a relatively small sample size, but fairly consistent in treating of gout and kidney stones as well.