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Gall Bladder Functioning at 17%

Posted by CandyK (Union City, OH) on 02/16/2009

Hello Ted,

I have a question about the gallbladder/liver. I was recently diagnosed with a gall bladder that is only functioning at 17%. Of course they are scheduling surgery. I really don't want to do this if modifying my diet will correct this.

I get some dull pain and bloated feeling on my right side. Feels like I have a fist pushing "out" against my side. Also, makes breathing uncomfortable to the point I thought I had asthma. I do not have Gall stones. . .at least thats what they said. So what method would you recommend to help with this discomfort and or to help avoid surgery.


Replied by Not Ted (sorry Ted)
Sydney, Australia

'Google' Gall blader cleanse - you may have stones.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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RE: Gall Bladder Functioning at 17%. The cause of low gallbladder functioning is often the Standard American Diet, which basically amounts to high fat, high cholesterol, mostly from vegetable oils and eating meat.Avoiding oily and fatty food will remove fat blockages of the gall bladder, but the gall bladder also functions in utilization of electrolytes and water. Hence drinking plenty of water during meal with a small pinch of sea salt, strict vegetarian diet for only two weeks, no vegetable oils will reduce most of the problem in a matter of two weeks. Thereafter adjust diet accordingly, but most importantly that granulated lecithin, which is primarily defatted, is also a fat emulsifier may restore that condition. Some major electrolytes I used are sea salt, some potassium, preferably tripotassium citrate, or potassium chloride, and magnesium supplements, but no calcium is required. Less sugar in the diet makes for less calcium to leech out of the bones as sugar are acid forming and less acid inducing food, will help reduce calcium blockages from the high sugar (mostly corn syrup fructose, but glucose and sucrose is avoided, and no use of artificial sugars as in aspartame which is a neurotoxin). Gall bladder issues can be reversed if diets are changed.

Replied by Margie
Greenville , South Carolina

The above question is exactly my problem - low functioning gallbladder. However, I do not see a reply to the question. Can you help me? Thanks