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Where to Find Disodium Etda

Posted by Tom (Chula Vista, CA) on 06/14/2006

Where does one find disodium ETDA, as mentioned in Ted's article on PH Balance and the Gall Bladder Cure? I have searched and have found many other ETDA's such as Calcium ETDA and others. And the cost is very expensive! My son has gallstones and we want to try disodium ETDA, before an operation.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Tom: Searching for disodium EDTA in the internet is relatively easy and there are many suppliers. While I don't usually like to recommend any particular brand, since we neither support any sellers nor do we sell any product. However you will find a disodium EDTA food grade from a chemical supplier. Usually they will sell by the kilogram, and the price is quite cheap. In the meantime you can try some lemon juice or citric acid, or just citric acid+ baking soda. Both citric acid and sodium citrate tends to chelate out calcium to some extent. Taking olive oil on empty stomach can also help loosen up the stones. To search, simply try to use www.froogle.com use the keyword disodium EDTA -calcium USP or disodium EDTA -calcium fcc Usually both of these grade are considered food grade and you can find several chemical suppliers to choose from.