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Progesterone Cream for Endometriosis?

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 09/03/2011

If I use a natural progesterone cream do you think it will help with my endometriosis? I want to stop taking the Depo but the pain is unbearable. When I discovered Earth Clinic many women said the ACV helped with endometriosis. This is why I have started to take it. I have been on Depo for 10 years. I am not sure why I have a sudden surge in appetite. I am very concerned about putting a chemical in my body. My only other alternative is to have a hysterectomy.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If progesterone is taken in any form, especially synthetic, you will find an increase in appetite if given in excess. It is best to check for hormone levels. ACV also helps so you have to see if it works. If for pain and some remission I think melatonin at doses necessary to reduce pain will help a lot, start with 5 mg (but you will know the next morning) and once a day. Then if you require more then increase the dose. Natural progesterone will slowly reverse it, but if the pain is coming from the scar tissue, then it is bromelain taken many tablets a day to help dissolve the scars. Lycopene, Green tea extract, and fish oils are also powerful against endometriosis.