Green/black Tea for Brain Tumor

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/15/2011

Dear Ted, You did advise me on green tea extract but what about black tea ?? Based on that few instances i had some kind of energetic feeling ONLY after taking more times than normal--any input ?? and any advise ???

Replied by Ted
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It was brought to my attention that green tea has been reported to have anticancer properties. In particular, I was discussing cancer with one woman and she told me that she knew of two women that had reversed their lung cancer using green tea extract. This is hardly a technical report, but it stimulated me to perform a literature search on Medline to see what had been published in the medical journals concerning tea and its effect on cancer. I found a large number of articles. One set of which touted the effectiveness of green tea (& green tea extract) preventing the onset of cancer, another with inhibiting cancer growth, and another with inducing programmed cell death (apoptosis). This was associated primarily with green tea but also black tea, and oolong tea. I won't attempt to list the articles since anyone can call them up by doing a search on Medline using "cancer , tea" as the search words.

Can this anti-cancer effectiveness of tea be explained by the theory presented here? If my theory is correct, it should be able to accommodate their reports. To do this, I am going to postulate that the active molecular components in tea have the capacity to effectively transport oxygen. As presented in the theory, this is the dominant key step for causing the cancer cells to revert from anaerobic metabolism back to aerobic metabolism, allowing them to become normal cells again and as such go through the process of programmed cell death. This would require that the active molecules have stable oxidized and reduced states in equilibrium. As explained in the cancer theory, the equilibrium between them would allow them to transport oxygen. This would not be an unusual property. Many molecules have it, such as vitamin C.

This is consistent with and may explain why tea is a stimulant. By transporting oxygen it enhances aerobic metabolism and thus enhances cellular energy.

This could also explain why green tea has been found to have broad ranging health benefits. This property would enhance the energy and health of normal cells in general.

Green tea extract or white tea is preferred as black tea contains iron, and iron is like adding fuel to fire, but that's not the main point. The antioxidant of green tea is higher then a black tea. The energetic aspect comes from caffeine I think, but it isn't in white tea. Caffeine in green tea, by taking more than usual amounts, does help in cancer patient who feels weak. However, i prefer 200 mcg taken two times a day selenium yeast and white tea as the safest choice, but not too many can find money for these, so all depends on your budget. If still weak it is ALC +ALA (Acetyl L carnitine + alpha lipoic acid), total 500 mg. And if still weak CoQ10 at least 400 mg, and Quercetin 1000 mg. These are common remedies I used in cancer treatments.