Need Cure for Cancerous Lesions on the Brain

Posted by N (Bedside) on 02/16/2013

Hi Ted, My boyfriend has three cancerous lesions on his brain and I was wondering if you could suggest some remedies as the doctors told him that he only has two months to live. Any suggestions would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Bangkok, Thailand
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The easiest remedy for brain cancer is to stay away from sugar. The major forms are honey, fructose, glucose, wheat, and corn, but also aspartame found in chewing gums. You need to supplement with lysine, zinc, iodine, and molybdenum. An alkalizing remedy of lime and baking soda is preferred and he should be given no meals after 5 pm. Also, food that has a high copper to zinc ratio must be avoided to prevent a further spread of the cancerous lesions (metastasis). If his symptoms include headaches, I prefer to give potassium citrate: 1/2 teaspoon after 12 pm. And keep his blood sugar 2 hours after meals below 88 mg/dl.


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Hi Ted, Thanks for your response. He is also going to be taking DCA and Low Dose Naltrexone. Would you recommend melatonin also? Thanks again!"

02/19/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "DCA generally does not work for brain tumors. This supplement causes too many side effects. The benchmark to measure any success is the blood sugar, and DCA tends to raise it. I have too many victims on DCA, that I can say the story about it is probably disinformation.

Low dose Naltrexone (LDN) works on brain tumors, but not as well as I have found other complementary and alternative medicine options to work. Low Dose Naltrexone blocks endorphins temporarily, somehow for a few hours, and then it raises the endorphin production 4 or 5 times, and that is what makes it work. It is all about raising the endorphins. Other alternative therapies that have the same effect on endorphins include electrical stimulation at frequencies of 111.11 hertz. In treatments I will do it for 30 minutes with a couple of tweaking in the electronics for the greatest effects. Done everyday it is just as effective as a cancer treatment as LDN, or you can use sound therapy in the same way.

You can also raise endorphins with St. Johns Wort, guarana, gingko and other supplements all of which work as well and even better. The one way to monitor the level of endorphins in a cancer patient that I have found is most people can feel the effects through improvement in circulation.

One of the biggest secrets of the 20th and 21st century is that endorphins are a cure all. You can find massive releases of endorphins in people attending mass healings found in Churches of various denominations, I don't care what religion, as long as you feel ecstatic. The feeling of ecstasy is more or less an equivalent for endorphins. There was a documented case of a rock star in Playboy magazine treated by Dr. Meg Patterson in two hours using endorphin frequencies that you can google. You can find it mentioned by Dr. Bob Beck a long time ago in his lectures. That's why now rock stars are no longer addicted from substance abuse. At that time Dr. Meg Patterson used those base frequencies, and it worked, considering that no square wave, gate, duty cycle, and carrier frequencies and sound frequencies were used like today! We have come a long way!

Addictive substances produce endorphins so that eventually the brain doesn't do so on its own, and that is why addicts are addicted. This is true even for common everyday things, cheese, coffee, coke, wine and chocolate that we take for granted. I call these exogenous endorphins. I usually go for endogenous endorphins that allow the body to produce endorphin, such as mentioned. These resolve depression BUT ARE NOT THEMSELVES addictive. Morphine kills people more than any other drug by this very means, offering pain relief and killing the immune system that relies on endogenous endorphins.

Melatonin I have also used in my cancer remedies, as well as DHEA, and supplements that will block copper, such as molybdenum, in the form of sodium molybdate and obviously their antagonist the common zinc, which is strongly anti-cancer. For both melatonin and DHEA, it must be taken at least twice a day.

Sodium ascorbate or potassium ascorbate are very important cancer remedies and offer an easy way for the immune system to identify the differences between cancer cells. This is by raising oxidation-reduction potential to say -100 to -200 millivolts in the normal cells, allowing the body to see the invading cancer cells, which are at a low millivolts of -10 to -30 millivolts.

For a cancer patient, the millivolt readings for the body's healthy cells can be raised chemically by several means, the most common is potassium ascorbate and sodium ascorbate. If that is not available maybe ascorbic acid with baking soda, or lime juice with baking soda, or lemon juice with baking soda, in that order of priority. This is why Protocel and Cancell kind of worked, what the researcher missed out is they limit their ORP to be in a narrow range that is too close to cancer cells, in hopes that people take more of them to increase effectiveness, when they know that a simple chemical with a huge electrical potential difference worked better!

This is why getting the required antioxidants and raising the negative ORP is SO important. And that is why oils are generally harmful in treatment of cancer as they limit the ORP by blocking it - and in fact any fat emulsifier including cottage cheese. Granulated lecithin is best as a cancer treatment if given alone without the oils.

There are other methods for brain tumor treatment, such as Dr. Nordenstrom's system for getting positive volts on the cancer cells and negative volts low DC, but this is not as effective. The biggest secret is the basic chemistry of ORP such that the immune system can detect these stealth cancer cells by electrical charge of the invading organism. The immune system typically attacks those that have positive charges, or electrical potential differences of ORP between normal cells and cancer cells.


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Dear Ted, I love your work but please relook at oils for healing from cancer and any Illness - remember Edward Cayce instructed putting oils on body to heal, Dr Budwig was a biochemist like you she spent her whole life studying the effect of oils on life and cell respiration - she had the urge to heal like you so she found a way to give the cells their charge partly by consuming the oil/ seed mix and partly by applying the oils to the body , when the right oils are in the body the charges are correct and then you can boost cell respiration with the action of sun on oil in body( vit d3) production. Also, remember before big pharma the way we boosted infants immunity all over the world was with a spoonful of cod liver oil, actually the childhood diseases diminished before the introduction of vaccination. Please spirit want you to relook at the oils. Also with endorphins yes you are correct with immunity increases if in their mind and being they can create a vacume of light ie happiness - try laughter therapy then health improves. B vitamins are good for this and vitc, b and vit c massive doses to cure addictions too. That's it for now, keep up the good work - they will help you.

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Thank you so much for all of the information. Should he be taking the lysine every hour? Based on everything you've told me I told him to get potassium sorbate, melatonin, St. John's wort, DHEA, sodium molybdate, zinc, lysine and iodine. Does this sound correct? I'm really sorry to ask so many questions but can you please advise on the dosages?"

02/26/2013: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Potassium citrate, not potassium sorbate. The rest is ok. DHEA, 25 mg x 2, zinc gluconate 25 mg x 2, potassium iodide 100 mg x 2, melatonin 10 mg x 2, St John's Wort 500 mg x 2, sodium molybdate 10 mg x 2. Lysine at 1/2 teaspoon ideally every hour for 6 hours, at least for the first 3 or 4 days. I don't know how potassium sorbate would do, it might work, but not certain. Most of these have to use reducing agents, the simplest is sodium ascorbate, taken maybe 500 mg every 2 hours for 8 hours, at least. I found from preliminary research that lead and arsenic - besides sugar and fructose - causes most cancer. Most of the contaminants identified are from not using reverse osmosis water. Most have used a simpler water filter, which is unacceptable for cancer patients.