Would Apricot Seeds Help a Brain Tumor?

Posted by C. (USA) on 05/05/2015

Hi Ted,

Can you tell me if you feel apricot seeds would help to rid a brain tumor on the brainstem? Thank you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I think it may help but limited experience due to lack of availability in my area. The ones I have experienced in brain tumor is the citric acid or lime juice and sodium butyrate.

The ones that has been proven to help in science literature is quercetin such as 1000 mg 4 times a day at least and cat's claw. Aspartame in coke zero is known to cause brain tumors as are most excitotoxins such as msg. To reduce excitotoxins, use taurine.


Replied by Elizabeth
Oak Park, MI

I have glioblastoma they removed 98% I'm a fighter. I feel like it's gone but won't get text or results until september im trying 3 apricot seeds a day sour sop tea 2x a day a a tablespoon for black seed. Idk if Iveven have it anymore or not so would you suggest something else?