Friend with Brain Tumor, Oligodendroglioma

Posted by Violeta (Vienna, Austria) on 09/22/2011

Dear Ted,

My friend has brain tumor, Oligodendroglioma.

The last three month she took chemotherapy. No success. The tumor didn't went smaller. Now the doctors changed the therapy with another tablets, Votrient.

When I so her yesterday, uau.. She is destroyed. She is weak, slow, hair fall, skin problems, fat, eyes problem, nausea, vomiting... Etc. She has no lust to live and she has two children.

I want to help her.

I read your answer to Anonymous writers with brain Tumor/cyst and Anuresim. What is the different between brain Tumor/cyst, Anuresim and Oligodendroglioma? Das your answer is also the basic remedies, first aid for brain tumor Oligodendroglioma?


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The Oligodendroglioma appears to be viral cause, so it's the lysine, quercetin, CoQ10, oat bran, and digestive enzyme. The one posted is brain tumor you can used that protocol also. The lysine is given lightly compared as we don't want to raise white blood cells too much, as I do not know of her condition (severity), such as 1/4 teaspoon of lysine 3 times a day instead of hourly, or 4 doses in morning and 4 doses in evening. Zinc acetate is most effective in that situation of any viral and so is lugols, so is given once a day. Because of low success rate 5 year chemotherapy, is practically zero, the natural therapy may also have low probability of success rate, but is lot better then chemotherapy. Lugols is given 2 drops before sleep, and zinc acetate is given at 15 mg, which is not much but must get her condition to stabilize instead of going downhill. Sugar is absolutely forbidden at this point, and is found in may milk formulations, maltodextrin, dextrin, dextrose, especially aspartame artificial sugar, etc. Melatonin will help, but is given at least 5 mg. to help with immune system during sleep. It is important that she has plenty of butyric acid, and that can come from oat bran she eats everyday. Borax may help that is only a pinch a day should be enough, that's about 20 mg to 50 mg. a day that's not much is we compare an average Israeli consumes 10 mg a day of boron in their drinking water. Phenylacetic acid is one used in treatment of brain tumor, and butyric acid, but at this stage, I don't think you will get it in such a short time. Quercetin is 500 mg x 6, CoQ10 100 x 5, and digestive enzymes as much as possible, I cannot say anything about digestive enzymes because the market right now is the give very weak supplements (maximize profit) that I have to prepare my own version which is bromelain 10% (the other 90% is glycine) and taken 1/2 teaspoon 3 times a day for that condition."

Ted adds: "What is the different between brain Tumor/cyst, Anuresim and Oligodendroglioma?

Cyst is calcium deposits that appears like small stones, but tumor can have or not have calcium deposits. Aneurysm is just blood vessels expanding between the layers of blood vessels and oligodendroglioma is just a type of tumors and appears to be viral. Viral cancer is easily treated with antiviral remedies such as ascorbic acid.

The quick aid is vitamin C hourly, 500 to 1000 mg. The cheapest vitamin C is often the best as they don't contain calcium which fuels their growth.


Replied by Alex
Miami, Florida

Hi, listen there is a few things to look into 1. 35% hydrogen peroxide 2. Dr Timmucine from france his work is with baking soda great results I have sent someone before very good get back to me if not correct name. I'll find it for you also liquid brain formulas that have habeneros or strong cayanne this is for increase circulation brain cancers/tumors etc.. are a lack of circulation or clot in the brain that roots and releases toxins which then can lead to problems. Get sun throughout your body- go to your backyard and remove as much clothes as you can and start slow and increase time, front and back etc.... in combination with proper food choices.