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Posted by Glenda on 07/22/2008

I am using sodium thiosulfate to dechlorinate my tap water...but I have question I need answered. After placing a few drops of sodium thiosulfate ( or dechlorinator) in a half of glass water, waiting 3 minutes then adding 6 drops of lugols, the water immediately turn iodine yellow, but after 1 minute all the iodine yellow disappears. Does this mean that when I drink this lugol's solution, than I will not absorb any iodine, because sodium thiosulfate bound with the iodine, and therefore it is not bio-available for internal absorption?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Glenda:

Thank you for your observant questions!

The dark purple elemental iodine will react with sodium thiosulfate to become a clear solution or somewhat yellowish color, to be converted into Iodine thiosulfate. The oxidant iodine will react with antioxidant sodium thiosulfate and the resultant reaction can be safely used. For example, an elemental iodine can react with any hydride compounds, to become hydrogen iodide. This too will convert the purple iodine to become a colorless iodine. Bubbling a hydrogen gas with elemental iodine solution the iodine becomes colorless too.

It should be noted that sodium iodide, potassium iodide are colorless, as is hydrogen iodide. In a manufacturing operation of hydrogen iodide, a hydrazine can be made into hydrogen iodide by reacting with the elemental iodide just the same.

I generally used hydrogen iodide, potassium iodide or sodium iodide taken internally is preferred then an elemental iodide as it is generally less toxic than the elemental iodide. A sodium thiosulfate once becoming an iodine thiosulfate, can also be safely used. The same reaction occurs whenever a chlorine is reacted with sodium thiosulfate, to become sodium sulfate since thiosulfate neutralizes most of oxidative chemicals and toxins the the body to produce a less toxic compound. It is for this reason why I used sodium thiosulfate, either alone or in mixtures to reduce the toxicity in the body or the mixtures I used thereof.


Replied by Glenda
San Francisco, Calif, USA

ok, sodium thiosulfate + lugols (which is potassium iodide +iodine)= iodine thiosulfate?? right? what happens to the potassium in potassium iodide? what is the final reaction? sodium iodide, iodine thiosulfate, what happens to the potassium???