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When to Use Dechlorinated Water

Posted by Chlorine Free Cook (Anonymous) on 12/21/2011

Hi Ted, I have been using the sodium thiosulfate to dechlorinate our drinking water. I bought a half pound (226 grams) from eBay. Can you use the dechlorinated water for cooking? I hope so because I have boiled it to make tea, cook noodles, etc. Is it safe to give to my dog? I would think it is but I want to make sure. I am also using it to water my plants given what you said about your bean sprouts growing better in dechlorinated water. :)

I'm using one crystal in 2L of water. The crystals are not all exactly the same size, but most of them are very similar in size and shape.

Warmest Regards!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Sodium thiosulfate can be used for all things. It can be given to dogs, used for cooking, and even to grow bean sprouts. Bean sprouts don't grow in chlorinated water, and stunts growth in humans. It also detoxifies many substance in the liver and makes an ideal supplement for the liver too.

A conservative dose of 1 rice crystal per 2 liters water is ok. My tests on bean sprouts was to use a 50% sodium thiosulfate one drop per to 1 or 2 liter and it helps significantly bean sprout growth after a minimum of 6 to 7 days in a double blind test.

You cannot tell if it's less than 6 days. You can do the same experiment to find how safe is water, if boiled in aluminum, stainless steel, pretreated with microwave, fluoride toothpaste in water and magnets. The results is what you expected all true, it stunts growth for fluoride (even tiny amounts), microwave, aluminum, and has minimal effects on stainless steel, and it helps plant growth with magnets. The magnets have to be 2 meters apart if you do the test for treated and untreated plants. Other things that can be tested are brass, colloidal silver, electrified water, negative ORP was also tried, but this is getting off topic from the sodium thiosulfate questions.


12/21/2011: Chlorine Free Cook replies: "As always, thank you SO much for your thorough answer.

The sodium thiosulfate package I received had "Mixing Instructions" printed on the label. "To make liquid concentrate, dissolve 4 ounces (113.4 grams) of sodium thiosulfate granules into 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of water (preferably distilled). Stir granules until completely dissolved. For General Dechlorination: Add one teaspoon (5 ml) of liquid concentrate per 50 gallons of water being treated."

I need to figure out a way to make a concentrate that does not result in such a large amount (3.8 liters) so I can make a small amount of concentrate and put it in a glass dropper so I can carry it around with me and place a drop in a cup of water to dechlorinate it while I am away from home.

You said a conservative dose is one crystal per 2 liters of water. Do you use a higher dose? For example, two crystals per 2 liters of water or one crystal per 1.5 liters of water?


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes you can use the conservative dose of sodium thiosulfate if you have chlorine sensitivity. That means your blood pressure rises after a shower of chlorinated water. It goes into the skin and becomes chloramines, and accumulates in the liver. My dosage is to get rid of other toxins in the body, not just to dechlorinate water. The instructions are enough to dechlorinate water only. Chlorination is one, the other comes from using Miracle Mineral Supplements. Getting rid of fluoride is another matter, that causes precocious puberty in children and sleeplessness in older adults. At least that was what I witnessed.


Replied by Chlorine Free Cook

Hi Ted, Thanks for your response; I always learn something fascinating. I don't know if anyone in our family has chlorine sensitivity but since your therapeutic dosage of one crystal per cup helps get rid of other toxins in the body, then it is probably good to use this therapeutic dose for about 3 days or so? and then continue with the one crystal per 2 liters of water.

I have read about the negative aspects of fluoridation. I wish we could get it out of our drinking water.

You mentioned Miracle Mineral Supplements. I googled it and read about Jim Humble's product and how it kills all pathogens and can cure cancer. Do you recommend this for my father's multiple myeloma? I don't know if he will agree to try it but I am willing to get it for him. I don't know if he can take it while he is on chemo."

12/25/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "When you boil water, it is preferable that it be boiled with either glass or at least stainless steel container and not aluminum. But what I do is put the sodium thiosulfate in a pitcher of water or take it like a pill. It is taken only 3 days or so is fine. As far as multiple myeloma, it is preferable that lugol's iodine or better SSKI iodine is used, it has the same effects as MMS, but without the side effects of nausea, especially the SSKI. Actually malaria was prevented by MMS, but so can SSKI which is a saturated potassium iodide but is taken hourly for 6 hours at least (in the case of malaria). As for multiple myeloma, I think Low Dose Naltrexone will keep multiple myeloma from growing as it blocks the opioid receptors the cancer cells need for growth and this is taken together with melatonin 10 mg at the very least. Ginger will also help in certain cases of multiple myeloma that was cured.