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Sodium Thiosulfate and Dogs

Posted by Isabelle (Garden Grove, Ca, Usa) on 08/23/2010

Dear Ted. 1st of all many thanks and and much gratitude for all your teaching. I scout the site to read your postings even if it is not my situation, I am learning so much from you. Now my problem is to retain what I learned!!! I know that you are very busy and I hate to add to your load but I don't know where to turn. I am taking sodium thiosulfate 10% , 2 drops in 1 liter of water and I assumed that if it is good for me to de-chlorinate the water, it is good for the dog too. Then, I read that onion are a no no for dogs because of the thiosulfate!!! I knew to not give onion but I didn't know why , I simply thought of gas and digestion. What thio sulfate do to dogs? is 2 drops per liter of water to much for them?. This poor dog has a staph infection and I gave him turmeric internally and I smeared his body with 2 part milk of magnesia to 1 part of 3% oxygen peroxide 5 drops of iodine tincture to kill the infection externally. He got 1 day of a bit of diarrhe , that was expected. But he stay unusually lethargic since last Thursday and I am concerned. He is 70 to 80 pounds and I did put in his water : 2 drops of st 1/4 bs 1/16 of borax 1/4 of gray sea salt per lite of water. I really hope you can see this question and answer to it very soon. Thank you so very much and take good care of yourself first!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dog is very unlikely have poisoning from sodium thiosulfate. It appears the diarrhea caused by milk of magnesia to deplete the dogs of electrolytes and can be replenished with electrolyte packs or sea salt. If the dog has toxic liver what I do is pour vinegar on the dog and when he licks it the vinegar will detox and may vomit thereafter appetite is restored and vitamin b50 is added to the food for just one dose. A very effective staph cure on the skin is the tannic acid solution 10% painted to the area. Unfortunately tannic acid are difficult to get in U. S. Iodine might work but haven't tried that but milk of magnesia usually works but the problem is they keep adding aluminum and I think that may be toxic to animals in general. Ted

Replied by Isabelle
Garden Grove, Ca Usa

Dear Ted, thank you so much for your prompt answer, it gave me great relief knowing that I didn't do any harm. I am following your advice and using acv. I also checked on the milk of magnesia, generic walgreen, which is prepared by aaron industry; they assured me that only magnesium and purified water entered in the formula, NO aluminum, I hope it is true. Thank you again and take care of yourself first!