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How to Dilute Methylene Blue?

Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Fl, USA) on 11/04/2009

Hello,,Please help me figure this math for making methylene blue.

I had purched a 32 oz bottle with powder,,when filled it would be 2.3%
Ok,,I don;t want 32 oz of o.1%
So, 8/32=1/4 or 8 oz at 9.12%
I want 8 oz at 0.1%
I have 29g of methylene blue powder so how much do I need to make 8 oz at 0.1%????"

11/04/2009: Merryanne from Orange City, Fl, USA writes, "Hi:
sorry but i think I figured wrong,,
8 oz would be at (4 x 2.3)= 9.2% strength using 29 grams of powder
what is 8oz water at 0.1% using (how much) powder???"

11/07/2009: Merryanne writes, "I have been trying to figure out the methylene blue mix, I have been reducing the water and percentage and powder (on paper only) and I got to 8oz water--1.1% with 3.6grams powder--but that is still 10 times to strong,,,but then I could take a potion at a time and add 10 times the water to it!!! But I will wait on Ted,,,but 1/10 of 3.6 is .36 BOY that is a small amount of powder,,,I have 29 grams BOY I guss I better start to sell methylene blue!!

OK..I found a web site and bulk mineral business that has only been up for a few months,,,,,,they have a lot of pure minerals and vitamins... I found humic acid on eBay,,,but I can't get very much information out of the people,,as where do they get there product, how is it processed etc..would you look at that and tell me what you think of them??

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Merryane:

Methylene blue mix is rather easy to do. Just follow this instruction. Prepare 1 liter of distilled water in an appropriate clean bottle with a cap. Put in 1 gram of methylene blue. Closed cap, and shake. Now you can pour the mixed solution in any ounce size bottle you want. Keep the unused portion.

The calculation is as follows as to why it is 0.1%. 1 gram of methylene blue divided by 1000 grams of water multiply by 100 percent will get you 0.1%. 29 grams you have mixes up to 29 liters of methylene blue.

To make a 1/2 liter of methylene blue you just need 0.5 grams in a 1/2 liter solution. All you do is just pour you solution into any ounce, pints, size bottle without the need for confusion of conversion and stay with the metric system. Purebulk I know for a long time, is fine, but people have to decide for themselves. I bought potassium citrate and magnesium citrate before. As to humic acid, some may have certificate of analysis which is simply it's free of bacteria in general. You can sterilize them anyway using some vodka before adding the water. Do not take methylene blue in late afternoon. It keeps you up awake at night.

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, USA
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Thank you very much Ted,,I am thankful for your help. Merryanne

Replied by Leftsidedrivetony
San Diego, California, Usa

If I wanted to start taking methylene blue, how would I start, and what website is the best to buy from? I have looked at a few, but am unsure which is safe for my consumption, If anyone can help that would be awesome!

Replied by Deb
Sat Lake, UT

Start out with “Just Blue” if you are experimenting for the first time. You want a supplier that can prove purity because it's got a reputation for aluminum and some other nasty contaminants. I'm not a particular fan of the company though because the stuff they send melts all over in the summer and for some stupid reason they won't pack it with ice. Then, you've spent a fortune for blue crap all over and it's no longer edible.

Replied by Bunty
South Africa

All the dilution instructions I've come across so far say you should make a 1% solution by mixing 1 gram MB with 100ml water. When using an average size dropper, this gives you 0.5 mg per drop. Recommended dosage seems to be 0.5 - 1 mg per Kg of body weight.

Replied by Patricia

I wonder if you can make eye drops with M blue after you dilute to 1%. Anyone try it yet?

Replied by GSmothers

Read (or listen on Audible) the book The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue by Mark Sloan. ✌