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Depression, Skin Issues, and Acidosis

Posted by A. (Kansas) on 03/14/2012

Dear Ted, First of all, I want to thank you for your contributions to the Earth Clinic website! I have done much reading on my own, but learned twice as much in a month of independent reading here compared to trying to fish through the many "fads" out there in the nutritional world. Your advice means so much to me, and I understand that you're probably very busy with other emails but I needed to ask your advice with a couple of things.

I have lived in Kansas all my life, growing up on a very poor diet-- ALOT of sugar & processed foods.. RARELY eating any greens (none of which were fresh).. we never had much money and ate whatever was fastest and easiest. I soon saw signs of acidosis at an early age (skin rashes, clogged pores, acne, severe asthma, ovarian cysts, Fibercystic breast tissue, concentrated urine, strong body odor etc.) but in visiting traditional doctors, all symptoms were treated independently as if hereditary and unrelated. But, As I grew older, I began to question for myself and to do research into nutritional science and holistic health. In the past year I have learned a lot here and there and am trying to make important changes.. while I know that this will be a life-long journey, I was hoping you might help point me in the right direction with a few areas? I have many mercury fillings, which I am hoping to have removed in the future, (they're probably adding insult to injury in my health) but I want to change what I can now.. I have experimented with Kombucha tea, Kimchi, Freshly fermented Saurkraut ( I got food poisoning so I dont know if I can keep going with that) but feel they make little difference without considering the larger balance of my body as a whole.

I have been having a bit of lime & Sodium Bicarbonate daily (working on purchasing some without the aluminum), I am also drinking the Methylene Blue at .01% in bottled water with a bit of sea salt for mineralization (off and on throughout the week. ). is it ok to have a couple of bottles with 3-4 drops daily? I suffer with sluggishness and mood swings, & sometimes with deep bouts of depression, So I have been taking 5 HTP daily (because I've noticed a significant difference) I am also taking Milk Thistle supplement daily (purchased from Wal-Mart,) Sun Chlorella or Spirulina (whichever I can afford) and a multivitamin rich in B vitamins & collagen (to help hair and nail growth, as my nails are very fragile)

I struggle with severe sugar spikes and cravings.. and, while I am not severely overweight, (maybe 5 - 10 pounds?) I am afraid that I am heading towards diabetes if I dont start getting these sugar swings under control. At times my sugar cravings are insatiable and I am left feeling defeated when I give into these cravings. No matter how healthy I try to eat, I still find myself going from one sugar high to another.. Could this be helped if I can balance my pH & Kill Candida? I have pH testing paper, but I read somewhere that they're unreliable. Even still, my pH is consistently testing around a 5-6 range. I have skin issues, in that when I sweat, its very acidic and causes me to break out.. I also have alot of clogged pores on my back, and very dry skin (probably from so many processed foods & the iodine deficiency) I am working towards a diet more rich in leafy greens to help counteract the acids.. and was reading one of your entries about eating granulated lecithin & Chromium Chloride to help with liver function.. do you think that could help me? I was also looking into the idoine supplementation and wondered whether it would be better to go with Lugol's iodine drops or Kelp drops? I know that you said Kelp can be laced with chemicals and malproccessed .. I would rather change my diet so that I could get all of these things I need by simply eating better, but right now, change is slow-going, and I'm working on introducing one new thing at a time, so as not to overwhelm myself. Am I going overkill with all of these supplements? I think I could really benefit from the Iodine, but wondered if taking both the 5 HTP (promoting Serotonin production) along with the Methylene blue (promoting dopamine production, right?) is too much for my brain? Am I running a risk of throwing my brain chemistry out of balance?

Many Thanks for your time, Ted!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The methylene blue I use is 0.1%, and at least 4 drops twice a day, one in morning and one in afternoon as a starting dose. The methylene blue also kills candida if taken at a higher dose. For normal people the range varies from 4 drops to 12 drops twice a day. This could help depression, as fungus (candida) overtakes the glandular systems, methylene blue normalizes it but if taken at night usually leads to sleeplessness. The deep bouts of depression are usually resolved with methylene blue, magnesium chloride, but must importantly is the B3 niacinamide, 500 mg. If taken throughout the day at 250 mg in morning, afternoon, and evening, and 500 mg before bedtime the fungus will decrease dramatically along with methylene blue, in a week.

Acidosis depends on whether the pH is in urine or your saliva. But you cannot eat any artificial sugar and honey or fruits that are sweet. I know EDTA is needed to quickly resolved the cyst, but the availability in U.S. is limited, but the form that is sold in U.S. is disodium EDTA (tetrasodium is the preferred form), and can be taken in 100 mg dose five times a day. Too much disodium tends to cause diarrhea, but 100 mg usually won't cause it. Mix that after meals with baking soda. But if you also have pH in your saliva to be acidic, there is definite need for tripotassium citrate or at least potassium bicarbonate added, it will usually resolve the bad breath overnight. As to the body odor extra large dose (20 times the recommended dose) often prevents body odor, it seems to work for chlorella and to a lesser extent the spirulina, but they all work, best one is sodium copper chlorophyllin, a.k.a. chlorophyll.

As for cysts, edta is one, the iodine is the other one, such as lugols.

For dry skin, often is a sign of oil soluble vitamin A, E, deficiencies, which can be applied to the skin, if it itches. is a fungus, but if methylene blue is applied (ugly blue!), you can try wet paste bentonite clay to the skin to suck out the fungus and toxins. It will help if sodium thiosulfate crystals is mixed into it to help kill fungus and is rather soothing. Fan dry it and rinse, and repeat if necessary, and apply thin lavender oil with aloe vera oil to the skin.


Replied by A.

Ted! Thank you for your email, your advice was very helpful! I have been using Methylene Blue for a few months now and have been amazed by the results I've experienced! I was wondering.. I know that you said MB works as a super antioxidant for the brain as well as offering better Oxygenation of the brain as well as kills viruses/fungus... but does it have any influence over the dopamine production in the brain?

Thank you for your many contributions!!"

04/19/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Methylene blue at the low doses mentioned has no effect, but at methylene blue powder 5 mg/kg not the methylene blue solution, is harmful to serotonin, but has no effect if below that level, the dose given is nanograms, which is very low.