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Source and Dosage

Posted by T (Anonymous) on 12/12/2011

Hi, i was really interested in methylene blue, and would like to start taking it, please tell me where i can buy online one that you have used, or people you know have used, that is safe and effective. And please let me know how many drops to 1 gallon, i would appreciate this knowledge so much, please get to me as soon as you can.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Methylene blue is sold over the internet as a 1% percent solution and you dilute to 0.1% percent for use. In a one liter solution it is 8 drops per liter. Don't drink during the night as it cause sleeplessness. You can give whenever you are driving or when attention span is required.


Replied by Randy
Myrtle Beach, Sc

Hi T: I'm sure you can buy it online but if you have a pet supply store.. One that sells fish... You will probably find it there. That is where I bought mine. The MB is used to prevent fungus in the fish tank. I got a 4oz bottle of the 2. 303% solution for under 5 bucks. It will probably last you a very long time since you have to properly dilute it. Just go to the Methylene Blue Cures section on the site for those instructions. Please note too that you have to take it with Vit C to avoid its side effects which you can also read about in that section.

Replied by Dixie Pearl
Tracy Ca

This is for Randy from Myrtle Beach I have the 4 oz bottle of 2.303% methylene Blue, from the pet store, but I cant find out how to dilute the 2.303% down to 0.01% anywhere on here, I'm scared to make a mistake with the dilution that is posted from their 1% that I see here posted. I will be using it for tremor of the head.

Replied by Darwin
Colorado, U.s.


I understand from this extended conversation your instructions to mix the Methylene Blue powder (sold by gram wt. measurement) via your instructions to mix one gram with one liter water (1000 ml/mg water) to create the 0.1% desired solution for human consumption, for general guideline usage.

However, your instructions just above this post, you said to use 8 drops of the 1% solution purchased on line (sold in liquid form) in one liter of water to achieve the dilution of 0.1% concentration of Methylene Blue desired.

I'm not sure I am understanding your reference to using 8 drops/liter to reach the desired 0.1% concentration.

Isn't 0.1% only 10% of 1% concentration? Wouldn't only 8 drops of 1% diluted in 1 liter of liquid be considerably more dilute than 10% of the original 1% solution purchased on-line. I am struggling to understand how 8 drops could possibly equal 1/10 of a liter.

I understood clearly your instruction when using the dry weight powder, but I'm confused about your instructions on achieving the correct 0.1% concentration if I am starting with a purchased 1% solution.

Thank you for your help Ted.

Darwin 6/9/14

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You prepare starting 1% and make it 0.1% solution by adding water. Ted

Replied by Ric
United Kingdom

Hi all, Hi Ted. I bought methylene blue from the pet store the solution is 2.44% w/w 100ml. I have been taking 8-12 drops straight from the bottle in the morning and before bed, I don't feel any boost in energy or sleeplessness, can someone help me with the calculation?

Replied by Gail
Southeast US

Please Only use Pharmacy Grade, Formaldehyde Free MB as any other kind has impurities & can be dangerous!