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Posted by T.H. (Anonymous) on 03/12/2012

A report I read says you can take a very small amount of methylene blue to prevent Alzheimers.

If you bought something like 4 fluid oz of Methylene-blue for $2.69 - how much would you dilute it to get the right dilution to prevent Alzheimers? In the 1st article above it mentions a dilution similar to a few drops in a swimming pool. Sounds like 4 oz might be a life time supply.....

Does this also increase mental activity? I've read that... at what dilution and taken everyday? I've heard you know a great deal about this and thanks for any info!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Methylene blue is 0.1% that's the concentration, and it is between 4 to 8 drops twice a day, in morning and in afternoon only. It resolves depression, and low mental issues by giving more power to the mitochondria, through oxygenation, It works like a carrier of antioxidants and oxygenation to the mitochondria. Much of alzheimer's disease is a virus, and is often at 1/4 teaspoon hourly 4 hours at least 3 days, preferably 30 days. That is the bare minimum! Methylene blue doesn't stop progression of alzheimer like lysine, but it increases oxygen in the brain and kills the virus that way.


03/14/2012: T.H. replies: "Thanks for your answer! So for mental alertness and depression, I would take Methylene blue 0.1% 4 to 8 drops in the morning and then 4 to 8 drops again in the afternoon?

And for Alzheimers: a person should take 1/4 teaspoon every 4 hours for 30 days to see improvement? And should an Alzheimer patient also take L-Lysine with Methylene blue? How much and when? Should Lysine be mixed with Methylene blue?

Thank you for your advice."

03/15/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "You take it at night, if methylene blue is mixed with lysine. Methylene blue is taken twice morning and afternoon, and lysine is taken hourly for 4 hours.


Replied by Carol
Bezier, Langudoc Rousillon, France

Hi Folks, I am very confused by Teds remedy of Methylene blue /Lysine for Alzheimers patients. He states that you shouldn't take it at night, but says to take it every 4 hours. Can someone confirm how much lysine and Methylene blue to take and exactly when. Sorry Ted I know and appreciate it is the translation and you do your best to which we are all extremely grateful! Thanks in advance.