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Want to Know Remedy for My Weak Immune System

Posted by D on 11/08/2006

Could you kindly pass my message to Ted from Bangkok? First of all Ted, thank you so much for your excellent advice on everything (and to Earth Clinic for making it available)! I am so impressed you do this for free. God bless you!

I found a site where an Italian doctor claims (claimed because he is dead) to have found a prevention and cure for cancer in early stages. It sounds convincing to me but I want to ask your knowledgeable opinion. He says that potassium is the guide of metabolic processes in the cell. When the cell is out of balance in its electrolytes, the degenerative process is bound to happen. I am making it very short: he says that the balance is restored by introducing potassium ascorbate (I think this is pretty similar to what you say throughout your postings on Earth Clinic, but you use sodium bicarbonate instead of potassium bicarbonate) he thinks this doesn't only cure cancer but creates a very strong immune system that is good pretty much for everything. He uses 20 cc of water, 0.15 gr. ofL-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and 0.30 gr. of potassium bicarbonate taken 2 or3 times a week for 4 months (then one of nothing) to prevent cancer. He claims that no people taking that since 1970 (several hundred of people) got cancer and that they are incredibly healthy overall. To cure if you already have cancer is the same dosage 3 times a day, but it regresses only if it is at the beginning. In Italy it is not too difficult to find potassium bicarbonate (you just ask at a pharmacy to prepare it for you). He says also that the ascorbic acid and the bicarbonate should be mixed at the moment of drinking it and should be kept in separate single dose paper envelopes, because it spoils with humidity. Does all of this makes sense to you?

Then I would like to ask you about my specific problems. My immune system is very weak. I get every single bug going around (even two flu's a month + sore throats and colds). I was pretty healthy and looking younger than my age until I gave birth to my daughter 2 years ago. (I am Italian but have been living in New York until 1998, but go back often.) At the hospital in New York I got a urinary tract infection of pseudomonas aeruginosa which the doctor left practically untreated for a month since he neglected to take a look at my test results even if I was having bad symptoms (he gave me 3 different antibiotics to which pseudomonas was resistant). It was a nightmare also because the new baby and because I started working after 6 weeks from the birth. Maybe from the excessive stress (I also was exclusively breastfeeding) I developed thyroid problems, my values were very low and the doctor prescribed me thyroid hormone substitute, which I refused to take (knowing at that point how doctors are). I took kelp and licorice instead and most of all I stopped taking the prenatal vitamins that I had been taking for months. I realized it contained a huge amount of fluoride! It was the "Centrum Materna", which is pretty much the most common maternal vitamin complex (if not the only one) in Italy. After that very quickly my thyroid hormones went back in the norm and I stopped taking the herbs. Still, since then I am not myself anymore: always sick, troubles sleeping, low energy, lost more hair (but this problem started since I moved in the U.S., maybe it is the water), look older than my age (puffy and dark circles under the eye), I still am 13 pounds more than before-baby. I guess my hormones are out of order. I still am breastfeeding my little one twice a day. Do you have any suggestions? I am getting out of a flu I have been having for 2 weeks and I still have a cold, all of that closely followed another bad flu. I have started taking kelp again this week. I tried apple cider vinegar with baking soda (only twice) but I had a very acidic feeling in my stomach and some acid reflux (maybe also because I also took some plain lemon in water). Sorry for the very long message. Thank you in advance for your kind help

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear D: First you have got to understand that I come from a holistic perspective, just like Earth Clinic. While people think holistics are not clear and may not cure cancer, it may cure cancer much better. The reason is simple: holistic medicine takes advantage of all related nutrition necessary to kill the cancer.

The problem about potassium bicarbonate to cure cancer along with added vitamin C is that taking that exclusively potassium (and no sodium) can cause serious imbalance in your body's electrolyte system. If I wrote on Earth Clinic to just take potassium and vitamin C like the Italian doctor, I would no doubt get an avalanche hate mails for sure, right now I simply get an avalanche of more questions!

Simply, put, if I were a biologist and need to keep tissue culture alive, I would try to produce a "salt solution" that is most biologically close to what the tissue is most accustomed to.

This is not really my opinion, since people do die from too much potassium or really get nauseated from potassium. This is not just a fluke. If I were raising pigs, and give pigs just potassium, the pigs too would get sick. Ask any experienced farmer. The reason is quite simple, most mammalians are quite sensitive to excess potassium, but not for sodium.

As a historical fact that the internet has distorted somewhat is the story of potassium and sodium. Yes, it is true that salt was worth its weight in gold. But people today don't know why. Historically, in the ancient cultures it is true that diets were quite high in potassium mostly because they were living away from the sea and as a result these people soon found that they were actually nauseated most of the time and only with taking sea salt did they feel a lot better, and this is the real reason why salt was worth its weight in gold. It is not the fact that people long ago had healthy diets, or they found wisdom in taking more salts, it is the fact that they used salt to cure their sicknesses from too much potassium. Remember, our distant ancestors were fish, we may have adapted, but not really that much, since our biological fluids closely resemble ancient sea water, in both pH and salinity. In today's culture, it is the same, but with a twist. Yes, most people do live away from sea. We know we need salt, and we do take too much of it, but our diets are actually way too low in iodine and too high in sugar, and hence the disease of modern culture: hypothyroidism, but without the goiter, borderline iodine deficiency, high blood pressure (sugar AND salt), acid diet (lack of iodine, lack of bicarbonates and too much sugar, which results sugar AND cancer, or flu AND cancer), high heavy metals (sufficient iodine removes it), auto immunity disease (border line iodine deficiency, too much sugar, too little bicarbonates), low stomach acid (lack of iodine), acid reflux (low bicarbonates, high sugar and low iodine), etc.

As you can see, proper amounts of sodium, potassium, bicarbonates, iodine, and no (minimum) sugar is the real solution for cancer treatment. I don't necessarily disagree with the Italian doctor, I simply say that there is more to it then that, since iodine also controls pH (lack of it is dangerous as same as too much of it), getting sodium and potassium ratios right, and taking enough bicarbonates are all important.

Yes, reducing sugar, which is acid forming and food for the cancer cells is another thing too. Certain minerals you need to control your sugar down BESIDES just staying away sweets, such as chromium, vanadium and tungsten are now important minerals in sugar control too, and hence control of cancer. But raising your immunity, such as taking more zinc, and selenium are important too. I have visited forums and found lack of successes using various protocols, for one simple reason: they were concentrating on just one aspect of healing, when the solution to the real treatment lies with the wholeness of individual in achieving balance.

Therefore, to get the proper sodium/potassium ratio: the answer lies in the tissue culture solution, sometimes called Ringer's solution or mammalian solution, where our body is very likely to be most accustomed to. The formula, roughly speaking, after you remove the salt, and just keep the buffer, the ratios is very likely to be 90% sodium and 10% potassium AND 10% magnesium. All of them can be bicarbonates, if you wish.

The reason why we do get cancer is that our body is way too acid. And this can be proven by just taking a urine pH sampling for most people. The ideal pH is about 7 and most people will be below 6. Sick people will be near 5 or below. People with cancer are very acid near urinary pH of 5.

For vitamin C, I prefer sodium, magnesium and potassium ascorbate all together in a ratio that closely mimics the extracellular fluids in general. A heart could simply stop or slow down if the potassium is way too excessive. A cure for potassium overdose is salt.

This explanation for why you do get cancer is hardly enough, it is not even really holistic, and I could not even cover every possible points. Holistics is about combining many aspects of treatment to your life. One important fact that I have not covered is your brain is related even to cancer. In fact, one German doctor discovered that he got cancer after the death of his family member. Based on that observation, he compile statistics of CAT brain scans and found out people who do get cancer have specific parts of their brain damaged as a result of certain traumas. And this was no random chance, over 10,000 brain scans showed that and he was able to pinpoint the location of the cancer based on examining of the damage brain in the CAT scans. However, his method of cure was again unnaturally narrow, and not holistic. He focused on psychological counseling and reduction of stress. However, in holistic medicine, that is part of it, another part is nutrition necessary to rebuild damaged part of the brain, such as supplements that increase brain cell rebuilding such as lithium citrate (5 mg/day), L-Pyroglutamate, hydergine, creatine, L-glutamine, sodium ascorbate, etc.

This is why I refrain from posting cancer cures, as the holistic and breadth of treatment is wide, it just tires me trying to explain everything. Here, I am merely debating on the Italian doctors' method of cancer treatment!

My immune system is very weak. I get every single bug going around (even two flus a month + sore throats and colds). I was pretty healthy and looking younger than my age until I gave birth to my daughter 2 years ago.

A flu is a sign of zinc deficiency, acid body condition from acid diets, lack of biotin (as biotin controls your pH), lack of molybdenum (this controls pH) and even iodine (this controls pH too!). Take zinc acetate, no sulfates in general or zinc chloride, or zinc gluconate are some suggestions. Take plenty of bicarbonates, mostly sodium, take molybdenum in form of sodium molybdate (my preferred therapeutic dose is 5 mg), kelp and seaweed for iodine, or iodine foot painting done only 2-3 days a week.

If you gave birth and got sick, the body lost a lot of silicon and manganese. The preferred silicon is sodium silicate added to drinking water, 10-20 mg. Silicon is quite benign and almost can take in any amounts. You can also take silicic acid (orthosilicic acid), or even take horsetails and oatmeals, but on an empty stomach, do not mix food here.

Bromine is found in bread, chocolate, cocoa, for example and this tends to displace iodine, causing you borderline iodine, even though the iodine in the diet appears sufficient. But before you label iodine the bad guy, bromine taken together with iodine is used to solve the deficiency in Russia. So the finding is too soon to say whether bromine is necessary or not.

I tried apple cider vinegar with baking soda (only twice) but I had a very acidic feeling in my stomach and some acid reflux (maybe also because I also took some plain lemon in water).

Obviously you are not following all my remedies. When you take ACV, true you add baking soda. But when you take my lemon remedies you must add baking soda too!

The formula is simple, take 1/2 or 1 whole freshly squeezed lemon, or lime and add the baking soda until the fizz stops. Then add water to 1/2 glass, then drink this. It should tastes like water. The lemon is an antioxidant and the water your drinking is very close in biological terrain of ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of at least -100. It is more closer to -200, but this will normalize the likely millivolt imbalances in your body.

Acid reflux has primarily two causes: bugs and acidity. Bugs are immune suppression, lowered immunity. Acidity is lack of bicarbonate, too high of sugar. The body need to reduce sugar intake, but yet control sugar level, by taking sugar controlling supplements of chromium, vanadium, and tungsten. Lowered immunity is lack of iodine, zinc for example. I could not possibly cover everything, but if you do, there is a good chance for your recovery.

Replied by Sylvia
Chattanooga, TN

In your next to last paragraph in a response to a reader who wrote you you indicated to use 1/2 to a whole lemon and add the baking soda until it fizzes, but did not indicate how much baking soda to add.

I would like to know how much baking soda to add to the lemon juice and how often should one take it. I am diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, and am struggling keeping my body alkaline.

Thank You.