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Father Suffering From Acute Pain in the Face

Posted by D on 11/28/2006

Dear Ted, Very good to know about the 2-3 days rest (there are several people doing this now, I will tell them!) A friend of mine (who had breast cancer a while ago) was skeptical about this remedy, I made her do the test with the ph strip at my home and came out very acidic. She didn't give it weight, but then her blood test made by her doctor showed "lack of bicarbonates" she called me back asking about the lemon.

People just believe blindly authorities and don't have the understanding or the "feeling" for truth! I think we are like sheep pastured by wolves, they don't only want our wool but also our flesh! When I understood that all natural elements are no longer used in medicine and pharmacology just because they are not patentable I was in shock! I am pretty sure the OGM have the very same purpose in the food field. Nobody care if they harm us!

I have a last question for you, but this is a very though one and very unusual problem. My father has been suffering pretty badly for some years from an acute pain in the face, concentrated in his nose. It comes and goes like an "electric shock", especially when he washes his face. But also inespectedly during the day. He says that the intensity of this pain is unbearable. Doctors thinks it is the trigeminus nerve that for some reason causes this pain. Maybe it is pshicological I don't know... They gave him a medicine which I hate (but he is so scared to get the pain that he takes them constantly). In higher doses these medicine is for epilepsy. I don't know exactly what it is (he lives in Italy), but my mother says it is bad for his mind. It works though. Do you think there is something better and less bad for his whole organism he could do? Thank you again and again God bless you (you made so much good to my family!).

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear D: I am happy to hear of your feedback on cancer!

You can email questions you like, but please give me a little time to answer. I have a huge email backlog that needs answering. But your email will be answered!

The conditions of cancer, amazingly relates to one of acid conditions, but it also represents lowered immune response. Typically iodine foot painting for only one to two days out of the week with 5 or 6 days rest period, done weekly should noticeable reduce the "lumps" in a month or two. Zinc acetate/zinc gluconate helps, if taken for about 3-4 days out of the week at 10-25 mg/day. The secret lies in this rest period, the time the body needs a vacation, when accumulating supplements, just like you working 5 days out of the week.

The electric shock of your father's condition is due to lack of myelin or heavy metals short-circuiting the brain. Yes, I have seen them once in a CAT scan. So the best ways is to take supplements to increase myelination, such as some MSM, lecithin, and cod liver oil. Cod liver oil safely removes heavy metal buildup and taking plenty of citrates (baking soda and citric acid) will chelate some heavy metals too.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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D: I have stopped cancer, but the word "cure" is not allowed to be mentioned these day that I have just stopped counting how many I made "disappear"! Just taking the lemon bicarbonate drink. And that is not even my best, the best is actually the lime, but then lemons are larger anyway! I am happy to hear that it "disappeared" in the thin air! Doctors are not trained to think that THERE IS A CURE! I am happy to hear about your news!

Replied by D

Dear Ted, What happened to my father is amazing, I still can't believe it! Lemon -bicarbonate fixed a lot of trouble in my family. My brother says that not only his leg is 100% good as I already told you, but also his prostate little problems and his heart arrythmia are much much better! I suspect that the lemon bicarbonate worked so amazingly with him because it hit the exact cause of his troubles: he had turned out very acidic with the ph strip test, plus he takes something like 8 Italy-USA flights a year, and I read that you say that while you fly you are stripped by your electrons and that your body reacts as in reaction to an inflammation! I think this was the main cause of all his troubles! Do you think that the little air purifier (which I think produces ozone) can help when you fly? This time he took plenty of lemon-bicarbonate before leaving and after arriving. The only trouble he still has is a pain in the liver which he gets after eating anything with preservatives or pesticides, we don't know exactly. For that I suggested him take humifulvate as chelation which I am giving also to my mother who I suspect has a beginning of Alzheimer, I hope it will fix her memory loss. You know that you have made us such a happier family, so you can have a very good Christmas knowing that you are doing good to the people who are lucky enough to read (and really do) what you say! Thank you Ted.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear D: Back in several years ago, I was looking for the mysterious properties of sacred healing water, which existed in Lourdes, Mexico, India, and Germany for example. What i found out, despite the lack of any money to fly I used only local water sources for analysis instead, which don't really have those amazing properties and try to extrapolate with those sacred water.

What I found was that a simple lime, lemon, apple cider vinegar when neutralized with baking soda resemble in many ways those sacred healing waters and even more. The juices of this simple fruit also have some properties that our body fluids needs as well.

All foods that I know of, or at least 99% have oxidizing properties, with possibly few exceptions where the drinking water sources are drank directly from the healing water - they cannot be transported. The other problem of sacred healing water is it is not as bioavailable. One interesting fact is that the most oxidizing foods of all are prepared, fast food or ready-made foods. They are more like anti-healing foods.

However, I wanted to pursue more of this, on mineral properties but had to stop (finances obviously) and I think the lemon baking soda drinks plus the water sea salt should more than solve most of the problems of human health. There are enough trace minerals in sea salt to cover nearly most of our health problems, with possible exception of boron and molybdenum, which for some reason, most of the world's sea salt are lacking when comparing against a standard natural sea salt components found by scientists, and hence the importance of boron and molybdenum.

As to your brother, consider taking 1 tablespoon of granulated powdered lecithin with every meal of food and take 1 or 2 tablespoon also on an empty stomach. The fat emulsifying effects of lecithin will reduce the fatty deposits of his liver. I have my own relatives who I managed to extend his life by 20 years just on this lecithin, but he stopped last year and obviously died from the same condition he suffered 20 years ago. He thought he was healthy not because of lecithin! That ungratefulness that it saved his life was what killed him upon stopping the lecithin, I think for about 1 year. The lecithin will allow the body to remove certain heavy metals out of the body, but of course does not necessarily take out free radical heavy metals from our drinking water, but just lecithin you should see some improvements.

This is the simplest remedy I can think of that you can try, there are also selenium supplements which can also help liver problemes, especially cirrhosis too.

Now you know the secret to your brother's condition when he travels to foreign country that THERE IS A CURE FOR DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS (DVT), or economy class syndrome. This is why your brother's phlebitis was cured. The phlebitis was caused by airplane travel and to counteract this is a simple lemon (lime) and bicarbonate before air travels especially. The immune system therefore WON'T be damaged as a result of stolen electronics since chemically, electrons from static charges won't have much dent to remove them biologically as efficient.

The cure IS not socks or putting your leg up. It is very much to do with static electrical conditons and the airplane companies know that, of course they have not listened to me, and the best way is for us people to take charge of our own health, the corporations just don't care people anymore.

Ozone in general are good for purification and can help now and then, when the body needs to detoxify from chemical poisons now and then, but in general, the lemon and bicarbonate, or acv and bicarbonate are what our body needs to offset the oxidizing effects of nearly every food and water we drink! It is in basic conflict with the both pH, bicarbonates, and Oxidation Reduction Potential parameters of your blood - and this is one major reason why whe are sick. The second one I think is minerals and water, which you can take it from natural sea salt.