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Need Remedy for 14 Year Old Who Has Been Diagnosed with Common Variable Imm

Posted by Shenna (Yukon, OK) on 02/07/2007

I need a remedy for my 14 year old who has been diagnosed with common variable immune disease. We have struggled almost 2 years. 1st year was medical route---surgeries, infusions, more antibiotics and drugs than you can count. 2nd year we are trying natural route but she seems to be failing. I need help. she is on almost 800 dollars of whole food supplements, protein shakes, etc...nothing seems to make her feel better...i am scared she is wasting away and not going to be with us.

Replied by Melissa Gouffray
Alexandria, Virginia

Shenna, Contact Healerswhoshare regarding your daughter. Their remedies have reversed many conditions that are untreatable through many modalities. I do not work for them.' My mom and a number of her friends have used their remedies and say they are nothing short of miraculous. Good luck.

Replied by barbara
camden, ar

concern about a post from Shenna 2/7/07-- I have just read the post from Shenna about her fourteen year old daughter wasting away. I just want to say there many medically trained doctors who practise holistic medicine and who have excellent knowledge of deseases and their causes and treament. Many of them had these deseases themselves and refused conventional rx, therefore turned to natural treaments.I started researching them after coming into menopause and diabetes. I am just an ordinary housewife and have nothing to gain from giving out this info. I first started watching Dr Richard Becker on tv and through his program seen many more wonderful men and women like himself. You guys at earth should check him out for yourselves. Most of them do believe in God therefore are much more balanced than others who dont.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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"Shenna: When faced with some very difficult wasting away from a failed immune disease, start something simple, by first restoring the body's biochemistry to be normalized, then we kill the infections.

First measure the urinary pH. If the urinary pH is acid, natural supplements will be toxic and working against you. Add 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to 1/2 glass of water taken 4 times a day. Some sodium ascorbate vitamin C at 250 mg/day. Increase the dose as necessary to get urinary pH to 6.5 -7.0, preferably 7.

If you have a brix refractometer, the urinary sugar should be about 1.5. If too high, it means the sugar is too much if low, then addition of honey and lemon will help.

Raising the immune system with some zinc acetate 25 mg/day supplements, manganese 25 mg/day, selenium 200 mcg, and most important of all magnesium citrates 250 mg. Vitamin B complex 100 mg each for most except for B12.

Wasting away can be a heavy metal toxicity, it is necessary to get a hair mineral analysis to determine the biochemical imbalance quickly, and correct them accordingly.

That said, if the lung and breathing problems or infections exist here, than ozonate the room as necessary. Clove oil drops added a couple drops 2-6 per glass of water will raise the body's energy level, necessary to fight off the disease.

In such instances I find that sea salt 1/2 teaspoon per liter of water (light brown color kind) added to all drinking water will provide the most help in correcting most biochemical imbalances that exists, since they are rich in minerals. Preferably the best kinds are deep sea salt mineral. If you have a way to add a couple of drops to the sea salt with hydrogen peroxide 3% to sanitize it, this would help too, in a a per liter of water. I sometime use hydrogen gas to bubble the water too. It has an effect of being biologically more active and allows the body to heal much faster, even if the amount of such as is ppm as the oxidation reduction potential is strongly antioxidant.

If it is one of some unknown toxin, than perhaps a couple of drops of sodium thiosulfate 10% solution, which is often a dechlorinator that is clearly labeled that ingredient found in aquarium shops that detoxifies most substances that accumulate in the liver. Apple cider vinegar is another substance that does that too. If it is one of fungus, than a small pinch of borax in a drinking water perhaps once every day or only a couple of day will have some antifungal properties might be needed to at least buy time.

Often the best way is to be focused. Lack of focus I believe is why natural approach is failing.