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Problem with Ph Unbalance

Posted by D on 11/17/2006

Dear Ted, Thank you so much for your letter! I haven't had time to answer before but since I read your message I have been euphoric. You gave me the treatment for my father cancer and my daughter short height in one single email!! I found a company that sells cesium chloride on the internet. So I am going to get it. And I know it will work! I will let you know! (If you need the site address I will send it to you). I got almost all you told me, some of them are difficult though, like sodium molybdate (I found molybdenum chelate, with calcium, but didn't buy it, is it ok?) I stopped eating sugary food almost completely. We all started taking lemon and bicarbonate and I must say we feel energized even after such a short time! My brother (acidic at the ph test) says that his phlebitis is much better in just a couple of days, he has a vein in the leg which "burns" but after taking the lemon-bic. he says the burning sensation has been relieved (I don't know if it is a coincidence or if your cure can affect also veins so quickly). He has all sorts of problems, his liver & "hurts" very bad from time to time, probably when he eats something with pesticides, preservatives and other "bad stuff", then it is sore for at least three days. When he tried taking a liver cleanser with several herbs, the problem got much worse for days and days (maybe a stone moved?) so he stopped taking it. He also has heart arrhythmia (when he has an episode he takes magnesium chloride and feels better as a woman suggested him some time ago). I am pretty sure that his main problem is ph unbalance and that the lemon-bicarbonate will fix him! Now I tell my friends that my doctor lives in Thailand! Thank you so much again. Thank you, Ted!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear D: For most human sickness I have found pH and ORP (antioxidation) are two major problems which can easily be cured very much like a miracle healing water found in many places throughout the world owing to the fact that the ORP is negative in values.

Usually the maximum lemon juice with baking soda that is attainable is about ORP -300 millivolts, while a Apple Cider Vinegar maximum attainable values are about ORP -175 millivolts. The strong negative ORP are life given properties as nearly all packaged foods including even water have a positive value of over +100 millivolts making it oxidizing value. This is why we are all sick. All foods are dead and oxidizing. So it is no coincidence that it will help with a great many conditions.

Heart problems can be helped, yes with magnesium chloride, but also malic acid, which is found in Apple cider vinegar of 2 tablespoon with 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda.

Finally, a sodium molybdate without calcium is preferable. So no problem in not buying the ones with calcium.

Replied by D

Thank you again Ted, I have good news to report. My brother, after only a few days on lemon-bicarbonate twice a day says that his phlebitis is practically gone (not only better). He has suffered with this leg's vein for three years and tried everything but after just 4-5 days of this remedy his pain is completely gone, he feels the vein "fresh" vs the "fire" he felt before. He cannot believe it...My mother who is 74 and has a lot of problems is feeling much better too. She didn't have any appetite, most of the times she wouldn't have dinner just because she didn't feel like eating (she also has memory loss, stomach problems, always exhausted, what seems a chronic cough etc.) after the same amount of days she says she is very hungry and that she can be active all day long. She is having three meals a day now!! Thank you so much for this really healing water!!! All the best,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
385 posts

Dear D: Happy to hear of your feedback and that the lemon bicarbonate is working for you. I am currently doing some experiments and trying to modify this to improve its properties. Basically lemon has everything our body's electrolytes needs.

I also recommend you to have a vacation, after 4-5 days of continous use, by stopping only 2-3 days. It just gives a time for the body to relax and you may continue with the lemon-bicarbonate soda again. If you continue without such stops, you may experience some ups and downs. So consider just stopping for 2 days and then continue again.

You are free to try out what happens if you do continuously and observe what happens. I haven't made an iron clad rule about the exactly how many to do and how many days off, however, you are free to experiment this idea.

In many cases this water have helped increase apetite, reduced ability to catch colds, helped with children with ADHD, and a host of many human health problems, primarily our health have ignored two basic water parameter that are important, namely pH and ORP (antioxidant), the third I am looking into which concerns reducing the surface tension of water, and oil solubility, which can be done just using or supplementing with granulated lecithin one tablespoon along with every meal.

Thank you for your feedback!